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Exploring Boston: Historic Landmarks and Green Hideaways

On the Freedom Trail in Boston (photo: r h)

On the Freedom Trail in Boston (photo: r h)

Boston is a clean, small, relaxed town and one of the oldest cities in the United States.

Although Boston has a lot to offer all year round, winter is not the best season to visit the city.

Not only are winters miserable, Boston is just gorgeous in spring and fall, and summers are temperate and breezy.

Historic Walks

When you are making the move to Boston, your first stop should take you to local historic landmarks. After all, the city is America’s “Cradle of Liberty”.

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 miles long stretch with 16 sites dealing with the Revolutionary War. You can take a guided tour or simply buy a map and explore the Freedom Trail yourself.

The Black History Trail on Beacon Hill highlights events which are central to African-American history of the 19th century.

It includes the African Meeting House, for instance, where Frederick Douglass held his anti-slavery speech in 1860.

But even if you do not care all too much about US history, you might enjoy the architecture of Boston’s historic neighborhoods.

Harvard campus (photo: Kelly Delay)

Harvard campus (photo: Kelly Delay)

Harvard University

Of course, Boston is also famous for its institutes of higher education, including, of course, Harvard, one of the country’s most famous universities.

Even if you have no interest in studying in Boston, the campus is still very much worth a visit.

It hosts a few museums and a memorial church, and is a perfect opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of Boston Life without leaving the city.

Institute of Contemporary Art

Institute of Contemporary Art (photo: Soe Lin)


The Institute of Contemporary Art is a must-see for architecture enthusiasts, as its exterior is quite interesting with its glass fronts and sharp angles. 

The building’s back hovers over the Boston harbor, making for a fantastic view.

Art aficionados should definitely stop at the Museum of Fine Arts.

It is New England’s largest art museum and is well-known for its collection of works by Monet.

In fact, the museum has the largest assemblage of French impressionist paintings outside of France.

Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden (photo: Bill Ilott)

Parks and Gardens

Despite all its historical and cultural sites and landmarks, Boston is not deprived of beautiful outdoor space.

The Charles River Esplanade, for instance, runs from the Museum of Science to the Boston University Bridge. It is a scenic path which is perfect for a relaxing walk.

Boston Public Garden is the nation’s oldest botanical garden and famous for its Swan boats.

If you wish to get away, Jamaica Pond and the Boston Harbor Islands are perfect destinations.

The former is slightly off the beaten path and belongs to the city’s “emerald necklace”.

The Islands, on the other hand, offer countless opportunities to hike, swim, and camp under the stars.

You can reach the Boston Harbor Islands by ferry.

Fenway Park (photo: Charlie Walker)

Fenway Park (photo: Charlie Walker)

Fenway Park

Of course, sports fans don’t miss out on a visit to Boston. Fenway Park is home to the Red Sox, Boston’s beloved baseball team.

The spirit in the stadium during a game is incomparable and something you should not miss. If you can’t get tickets to a game, you can visit the stadium during a guided tour.

If you don’t mind touristy places, you should definitely swing by Cheers Boston.

The pub, formerly known as the Bull and Finch Pub, is famous for its appearance on the TV show “Cheers”.

Located on Beacon Hill, it has become a typical tourist trap but is a must-see for fans of the show nonetheless.


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Wednesday 4th of September 2013

Never been to Boston but hear a lot of good things about the city and the things it has to offer. Would really like to check out Harvard one day as well as the parks and museums.

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