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Cabo San Lucas: 7 Fun Things To Do for Backpackers

Lover's Beach, Cabo San Lucas (photo: Eric Clark)
Lover's Beach, Cabo San Lucas (photo: Eric Clark)

Sure, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, has always been a top vacation destination for people who like laying out in the sun.

Who can blame them when they have unfettered access to fantastic beaches and hotel pools attached to some of the most magnificent hotels or luxury villas in Cabo

Far too many people fail to recognize the value of Cabo San Lucas as a vacation destination for people who love the great outdoors. 

If you are one of those people who like to pack a backpack and head out on a real adventure, checking out Cabo San Lucas is worthy of your consideration.

As a case in point, here are a few things you might enjoy doing as a hiker and outdoors person.

Things To Do in Cabo San Lucas

1. Cerro De La Zeta

If you fancy yourself a mountain/rock climber, you might enjoy taking a hike up the Cerro De La Zeta mountain.

It takes about 45 minutes to reach the peak, where you'll get hit with some of the best views Cabo offers.

It's best to experience this hiking destination at sunrise or sunset, and perfectly acceptable to take a few beers or wine in your backpack.

While hiking from your hotel and up the mountain is highly recommended, shuttles can also take you from your hotel to the base of the mountain.

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas (photo: Victoria Bragg)
El Arco de Cabo San Lucas (photo: Victoria Bragg)

2. El Arco

Some of the most impressive caves are along the Baja California coast, and El Arco would rate as one of the most interesting. 

El Arco is a naturally formed cave on a peninsula that separates the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. The best way to get to this destination is via a boat tour.

It's also possible local fishermen could offer discounted rates. This is yet another Cabo destination that is best experienced at sunset.

3. Beaches to Visit

Even as an outdoorsy person, there is nothing wrong with checking out some of the local beaches in Cabo.

As a hiker, you might prefer walking along a string of beaches until you reach one that's quieter and less commercial. We'd recommend checking out Playa de la Raza, Todos Santos, and Playa del Divorcio.

4. Flora Farms

Sometimes, you'll go looking for a hiking destination that'll provide you with a chance to enjoy something you have yet to experience in your life. Flora Farms is that kind of a destination.

Flora Farms is at the far end of a bumpy sandy road in the area of San Jose del Cabo. You can reserve a spot on a free walking farm tour provided by staff members. 

With 25 acres of organic farmland, you can enjoy some of the farm's homegrown vegetables and herbs at lunch. Great meals are available from the on-site farm-to-table restaurant.

Cabo's mountainous coast (photo: John Cafazza)
Cabo's mountainous coast (photo: John Cafazza)

5. Hike up the Pedregal

One of the most prominent mountains in Cabo San Lucas is the Pedregal (rocky ground).

The mountain is home to some of the most extravagant villas on the Baja coast. Don't be surprised if you encounter a celebrity or two in this area. 

The hike up Pedregal Mountain will provide you with one of the best cardio workouts you can get while in Cabo.

The steep walk up a series of winding roads will challenge you to get to the top, where you can stop, relax, and enjoy some fantastic views of the Cabo San Lucas Marina. 

Note: The Pedregal Mountain is in a gated community with security. To get through the security gate, walk west along Lazaro Cardenas and cross over to Miguel Hidalgo road.

Once you get through the gate, you'll see the entry point at the mountain's base.

Seahorse sculpture (photo: Lou Blazquez)
Seahorse sculpture (photo: Lou Blazquez)

6. The Art Walk

Cabo has its fair share of cultural events, along with the sunbathing and outdoor activities it's known for.

If you visit Cabo San Lucas between November and June (the high winter season), you're welcome to go on a fantastic “art walk” through the streets of San Jose del Cabo.

You'll be greeted by dozens of art galleries that display the artworks of both popular and unknown artists. You can also enjoy some informative art lectures and wine tastings. 

7. Botanical Cactus Gardens

When staying in San Jose del Cabo, you'll have access to bicycle paths that will lead you to the beautiful Wirikuta Botanical Cactus Gardens.

The garden is home to over 1 million cacti, which represent over 1,500 different varieties. The bicycle paths wind through some of the most amazing desert parts of Cabo San Lucas. 


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