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Discover Lithuania in 5 Stops

Vilnius Cathedral

Vilnius Cathedral (photo: Bernt Rostad)

Need another travel destination, but you're short of ideas?

Consider amazing, yet-to-be-discovered Lithuania! In this country, you can see old cities, castles, and natural wonders too. Here are the top five destinations to get you started.

1. Vilnius, the Capital City

Chances are you'll arrive in Vilnius, the capital, first, so you'll definitely want to explore the city.

The biggest and one of the oldest cities in Lithuania will amaze you with a lot of green space and friendly people who will be happy to help you.

Although this is a post-Soviet country, and not everyone knows how to speak a language apart from Russian, the youth of Lithuania speak perfect English, so you'll be able to communicate with them.

Stops in Vilnius should include the old town, the main cathedral, and the famous Saint Anne’s Church. Just visit Vilnius and take a simple tour to discover the city.

2. Castle of Trakai

Another historical site to visit is a few kilometers away from the capital. Trakai used to be the capital of Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the 13th century.

The main castle has been rebuilt in the middle of a vast lake and attracts plenty of international visitors. In Trakai, you can also meet the local community of Tatars, and discover their traditional cuisine.

Trakai is the best place to stop if you want to learn about Lithuania’s long history, as well as to see a bit of the country's natural beauty.

3. Rumsiskes Open-Air Museum

While traveling further, visit Rumsiskes Open-Air Museum too. Located in a rural area of Lithuania, you'll be able to visit and see traditional mini-villages of four different ethnographical regions.

If you happen to be visiting or are planning to visit Lithuania, during the Pancake Tuesday, be sure and visit this area.

During that holiday, Rumsiskes comes to life because of the exclusive traditional Lithuanian Pancake Tuesday celebration the museum hosts. So, put Rumsiskes Open-Air Museum on your list and visit it to learn more about Lithuania.

Siauliai Hill of Crosses

Siauliai Hill of Crosses (photo: Mandy)

4. Siauliai Hill of Crosses

One of the most sacred places in Lithuania, the Siauliai Hill of Crosses is a one-of-a-kind place to visit in the Baltic Sea region.

The whole hill near the city of Siauliai is covered with many different types and sizes of crosses, which symbolizes the historical struggles of Lithuanians through the years.

It is believed that the very first cross was put here in the 19th century after the 1831 Uprising, which didn’t end well. In the years that followed, crosses were placed in and out, especially during the Soviet rule.

The exact number of crosses today in unknown, but some people who've tried to count them say there's about 100,000. Visit this small, amazing place and get a feel for its unique energy.

5. The Curonian Spit

Finally, one of the greatest natural wonders in Lithuania, and Europe too is the Curonian Spit. Although it is only a 98 kilometers long, the thin, curved sand-dune spit that separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea coast, the view by walking through this place is amazing.

No wonder, UNESCO decided to put the Curonian Spit on their list of World Heritage Sites.

It's also no surprise that many famous people, not just Lithuanians, love this place. Famous writers, such as Thomas Mann, had his summer-house there, as well as Jean Paul Sartre, who loved to visit too.



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