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Fishing in Wales: 4 Beautiful Places to Cast Your Reel


Llyn, Wales [ThinkStock – iStock]

[W]ales has some stunning scenery, with lakes and rivers contributing to the beauty of the landscape.

If you are one for an activity while you are away that allows for quiet reflection at the same time as doing something practical, fishing could be for you.

Be sure to research the rules and permits necessary for the areas you intend to fish in so that you are not breaking any laws.

Once this is done your active holiday in the UK with your fishing rod can begin. Here are some of the places you may wish to visit.

1. Cwm Hedd Lakes

In the south of Wales, not far from Cardiff and Newport, you will find the picturesque Cwm Hedd Lakes. So pretty is this area of the countryside, you will be surprised that it sits so close to such major cities.

The English translation of Cwm Hedd is ‘a haven of peace and tranquillity' – you really can't argue with that. The lakes are fed by a spring and stretches out for eight acres. On a clear day the sun glistens on the still water, creating a stunning effect.

Here you will find some of the best fly fishing in the country, with 40 platforms from which to dangle your rod. In the main lake you will find rainbow and blue trout, as well as brownies and tigers.

Alternatively, the smaller Lodge Pond is perfect for beginners as it is home to much more manageable rainbow trout. It has the added advantage of being accessible for those with mobility problems and is close to somewhere to get a brew on cold days.

2. Llyn Carnguwch

The Llyn Peninsula is a popular destination for tourists, but it is possible for those who like to fish to find their own little corner of the area. Head to the two and a half-acre Llyn Carnguwch at the foot of the Yr Eifl Mountains and take in the scenery.

All possible amenities are provided as the lake is found inside the five-star eco-friendly Organig Parc complex. The spring water-fed lake is full of rainbow trout and all conventional dry and wet flies are permitted for fishing.

3. Seven Springs Trout Farm

This pleasant fishing site in Flintshire gained new owners in 2008 and since then has undergone a large amount of restoration.

Firming up the banks and restocking the lakes mean that it is better than ever to fish at Seven Springs Trout Farm.

All four of the lakes are fed by springs and feature rainbow trout reared at the farm. Visitors can use both bait and fly fishing techniques at the location, which is an enjoyable place to pass a few hours.

4. Tyddyn Sargent Coarse Fishery

Right in the north of Wales sits the Isle of Anglesey, which offers plenty of attractions to keep you entertained on non-fishing days.

For those times dedicated to the sport, you won't find anywhere much better than the Tyddyn Sargent Coarse Fishery.

It has gained a reputation for the variety of coarse fish found in both of its lakes, but 2014 looks set to be a better year than ever.

400 pounds of roach, rudd, bream and perch were introduced to the lakes in 2013 and have proved popular with fishermen and women.

Tickets to fish in the lakes are issued by the half and full day, but those captivated by the beauty of the spot may wish to take advantage of the on site accommodation and do multiple days of fishing.

You can rest assured it is a difficult place to leave, surrounded by the natural Welsh countryside.


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Peter Taylor

Monday 10th of March 2014

Thank you for sharing your information about these four Welsh lakes. I intend to visit the British countries for fishing, as I love fly-fishing. Maybe the Tyddyn Sargent Coarse Fishery is not for me, and I prefer to fish for trout that was born and bred in the wilderness, so maybe the Seven Springs Trout Farm wouldn't be my ideal choice either. However Llyn Carnguwch and Cwm Hedd Lakes both seem very promising based on your article. Thank you!

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