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From The Giant’s Causeway to Tokyo

From The Giant’s Causeway to Tokyo

Get expert advice at The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland (photo: Alan Meiss)

We’re an intrepid bunch, come rain or shine and whether we can speak the language or not, we can find our way around the world and have fun as we go.

But sometimes having such an independent streak can deprive us of some of travel’s best experiences, particularly those hard-to-reach attractions that make different regions great. Although we want to stay as independent as possible, sometimes it’s easier to let others lead and succumb to a tour.

If you’re traveling solo especially, they can be a good way to meet others, find your way around easier and they don’t have to cost the earth either.

Here’s why taking a tour can be easier than going it alone:

When You’re in a Big City

A city of almost any size is far too big for a single person to navigate efficiently.

Sure you can just kind of cruise around at your own pace, letting yourself marinate in the sensations that are unique to this place. But for those who are hoping to suck the marrow out of every travel experience, you might need a guide to get the best out of a city especially if it’s a large, sprawling one.

Whether you just want to see the touristy sites or fly around a city on a Segway, there will be a tour.

No matter how much research you do, the knowledge of a local is unbeatable, and you’ll find insider tips on where to go and what to do. The best strategy for somewhere like Tokyo for example.


Learn insider tips on where to go in Tokyo (photo: Teruhide Tomori)

Places of Historical Interest

Part of the reason we visit historical places is to experience history. Of course, you could learn everything you want to know in a book, but experiencing it first-hand is the best way to learn.

Having a real expert relay knowledge to you is one of the best parts of traveling to places like Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland using Allen’s Tours.

A tour like this can let you see a haunted castle, salmon fishing spots, 400-year-old architecture, and all the other amazing things that you may not notice if you were by yourself. Without an expert guide, historical destinations just don’t have their spark.

Places Where You Don't Speak the Language

Finding someone who speaks English in a foreign country can be like finding a long-lost friend.

When you’re backpacking in a place with an unfamiliar language, a guide who speaks English can help you find the attractions and activities you are looking for or even point you in the direction of the local pharmacy or bus station for your onward journey. Some many even just want to grab a beer and hang out to practice their English.

Sometimes taking a tour takes the pressure of finding your way around and having to hire a car to see all the sights yourself.

With so many places to see around the world, a good guide can help you find them especially in those places that are hard to reach.


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