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The Griffith Observatory: Los Angeles Landmark

Griffith Observatory
Griffith Observatory

Rebel Without A Cause was required viewing for a college class I took called Music, Marketing, and Youth Culture.

When I tweeted about my trip to Los Angeles and asked for recommendations, Griffith Observatory was mentioned several times. 

I remembered it as a setting from the James Dean movie, which was reason enough for a visit.

Tribute to James Dean with Hollywood sign in distance
Tribute to James Dean with Hollywood sign in the distance

The clear blue skies and sunshine made for great views. 

Inside the observatory, there were plenty of astronomy displays to educate those interested. 

The giant telescope is free to use; however, it doesn't open until sunset. 

You can walk up on the roof, too, but it didn't occur to me at the time.

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View toward downtown Los Angeles
View toward downtown Los Angeles

The views of downtown LA are good, but the skyline certainly doesn't compare to New York City

As we walked around the observatory, a couple took their wedding photos. 

There are a lot of hiking trails in the area, and I imagine it would make for a fun afternoon to use them and then finish up at the observatory for sunset. 

Stargazing through the telescope is optional.

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Thursday 3rd of June 2010

I'm going to have to watch The Terminator again - thanks Jon!

Jonathan Evans

Thursday 3rd of June 2010

I spent a couple of days in LA last year and also drove up here partly for the view, but mainly (like you) because of Rebel Without a Cause. And having now been there, I've spotted it in Terminator (where Arnie arrives on Earth in the first one) and the fight with Demi Moore in Charlie's Angels (it was on a bus in my defence). Nobody else cares I've been there of course, but I know!

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