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How to Find the Best Central Park Tour

Central Park - New York City

Central Park, outside the Dakota Building where the climax of Ghostbusters was filmed (photo: Phil Whitehouse)

New York City's Central Park is one of the greatest urban green spaces in the world, which is also why spending time there is a must for any first time visitor to the city.

While there's always the option to stroll through the park on your own, there are benefits to taking a tour.

There are a variety of Central Park tours available. For example, you can choose to stroll around the park on foot, with a guide, or as part of a group tour.

One example is a walking tour which shows participants locations for TV shows and films which feature scenes in Central Park. For example, Gossip Girl and When Harry Met Sally were both shot in the park, and this just scratches the surface.

If you want a fun walking tour and you love television and film, searching for this sort of tour is a smart strategy.

It's not the only type of walking tour offered, so you'll have plenty of options, but it's a fun choice, and a lot of people do enjoy taking photos of themselves at the famous Central Park movie locations.

Bethesda Fountain, Central Park - NYC

Bethesda Fountain (photo: Rach)

Is a Bike Tour Right for You?

Another option is a bike tour. If you love being active and cycling is something you enjoy, booking one of these tours will allow you to get some healthy exercise and fresh air while you explore all the park's key attractions, from Bethesda Fountain to the Reservoir to Strawberry Fields and beyond. This type of group tour will allow to see a lot of the six-mile park.

In general, with any tour, you'll meet at the headquarters of the tour company and then leave as a group.

When you book, you should be given instructions on exactly where you'll need to be at the appointed time. A good tour company will make sure that there is no confusion.

This is why we recommend checking customer reviews for bike tours or other types of tours that you're interested in before you complete a booking.

It's important to book with a reputable tour company which earns accolades from real-life tourists and “townies.”

Band in Central Park

Band in Central Park (photo: PROChristine und Hagen Graf)

Pedicab Tours are Popular Choices

Pedicab tours are amazing experiences. They differ from walking tours and bike tours because people who sign up for them don't need to walk or cycle on their own to see things.

Instead, they're able to sit back and relax while their pedicab operators do all the hard work.

The chances are that you've already pounded the pavement pretty extensively while exploring the Big Apple, so there's real value in taking some time out in Central Park and letting a pedicab operator take you around to see all the sights.

If it's a colder day, wear layers to stay warm. These tours usually run year-round, as the park is gorgeous in all four seasons.

Bring your camera and listen to your guide as he or she explains the history of everything that you pass by. You'll be able to take photos and see quite a lot on a one-hour or two-hour tour!

Pedicabs are comfortable for passengers. You can travel alone, just you and your tour operator, or you can go with another person. Most pedicabs fit two people in the back. Larger groups can rent a few pedicabs and travel together.

The length of the tour depends on personal preference and budget. Be sure to price any tours that you're interested in across a few different providers.

Some overcharge, but the good companies offer fair prices, and it's pretty easy to find the most highly rated tour operators, for walking, bike or pedicab tours, just by reading reviews at TripAdvisor and doing some other research, such as visiting the official websites of tour companies.

Tours Offer So Many Benefits

It's true that Central Park may be explored on foot or by rental bike. You don't need to go on a tour to experience the park.

However, tour operators know everything about the park. They're familiar with every inch of this huge park, and they know tons of interesting facts about its history.

If you're not familiar with the park, you'll find that signing on for a tour is an excellent way to learn about it and it's also a wonderful way to make sure that you won't miss any of its Instagram-worthy attractions.

If you're on your own or with another person who doesn't know the park well, you may get lost or miss popular places.

As well, there is safety in numbers, so checking out the park with a group, or while being transported by a pedicab driver, is a great way to stay safe. You won't be alone, and this is a good thing.

Book a Central Park Tours NYC Today

You deserve to have an exceptional holiday in New York. Also, if you're there on business, taking time for a tour will allow you to put work stress behind you for a little while.

Since Central Park is one of the Big Apple's not-to-be-missed attractions, it's well worth booking a tour.

Now that we've shared information about three of the most popular Central Park tour options, you'll be ready to choose the one which is best for you. It's all about considering your needs.

Do you love to work, or would you prefer to cycle in a group?

If you don't want to do either, then a pedicab tour which allows you to enjoy the park without needing to expend any energy is truly ideal. It's also a good option for those who don't have mobility, such as the elderly.


This article was provided and brought to you in partnership with Peter Pen Tours.


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