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How to Stay Put When You Have a Traveling Heart

Granada, Nicaragua

Granada, Nicaragua (photo: David Lee)

[I]t’s no mystery that a wandering heart constantly lusts for adventure. That’s why for some, traveling is not only a hobby but a lifestyle.

Perpetual travelers are not content without seeing the world with their own two eyes. But even the heart fueled with passion tires after a while.

Some take short breaks in between by settling down in a place for a while.

But if you’re bent on seeking for the thrill that only seeing the world can give, how can you make staying put a bit easier? Here are some tips!

Take the Place for a Spin

One of the most important factors in settling down is the location you choose. Before deciding, try to go for a drive or take a hike up the trails or stroll down the coast.

See if this is a place you can live with for a significant chunk of time. See if the neighbourhood is welcoming. Or make the place liveable in your own terms.

Fix Your Finances

Another important aspect in both traveling and settling down is finances. Money will decide if you’ll live comfortably or not.

If you’re a perpetual traveler, you probably have two sources of income – permanent and temporary gigs.

Be mindful of your savings as they can translate to another currency (especially if you’re moving to a third world country). Try to convert your savings into the location’s currency and calculate the cost of living.

This gets easier as you choose a place to settle down as you can take on a full-time job you will enjoy.

It doesn’t have to be a long-term gig, as you’ll probably pack up soon and continue your journey. Just something you’ll enjoy and would pay the bills.

Settle Light

As mentioned, you’ll probably wake up again one day and decide that it’s time to move on. So don’t get carried away when furnishing your home (for the next few months).

Try not to stock up on anything non-essential. You don’t need that big haul of an oven that will give you a pain when it’s time to pack up again. Maybe skip the humidifier. You get the picture.

But if you absolutely have to have that 40″ screen TV, there are services out there that you can hire to settle your excess baggage. Go for trusted companies like World Baggage that actually offers online tracking for your peace of mind.

Make the Most Out of It

Settling in one place for a while will give you the opportunity to explore what the place has to offer.

Take advantage of everything while you’re still there. Learn about the culture, the food and soak in the sights!


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Wednesday 26th of November 2014

Great tips to follow. I've been settling down here in Western Australia and have taken lots of these tips into consideration. Definitely know I'm not staying here forever but trying to make the most of it.

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