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As a kid, my family moved to a new state twice. While it made me sad to leave my friends behind each time, I did enjoy the unpacking all my stuff it in a new home.

As an adult, being responsible for do-it-yourself moves can suck any fun out of moving day.

If you've checked out my list of material possessions lately, then you've probably noticed it's slowly shrinking as I give away and sell much of it.

The remainder will be divvied up between my storage space, my friend's basement, and my parent's house. And that's where enters the picture.

In my twenties, I managed three separate DIY moves, and after the last one, told myself I would start paying for help in the future.

Well, the future is now, and I'm so glad I learned about eMove. It was purely by happenstance too.

I picked up a local moving company's business card at my storage location, Google'd them, and found a message board with a few positive reviews and a reference to helps you rent moving equipment/supplies and storage space, and obtain the labor to physically haul your stuff.

I've rented a Uhaul before, so that was on the back burner compared to locking in the human help.

I entered my zip code and move date, and up came a long list of local movers.

Each moving company's profile included a ranking (based on 5 stars), hourly rates, and list of customer reviews.

When you make a decision, you fill out an online form with details about your move, the estimated number of hours required, and payment information in the form of a credit card.

The company is responsible for approving/declining your request within 24 hours.

True to form, within 24 hours I had received an acceptance of my 3-stop moving adventure scheduled for Saturday, November 3.

The family-owned company I chose rated 5 of 5 on the star-meter, had 945 (mostly glowing) customer reviews, was on the less expensive end of the scale ($40/hour for 2 people + $25 flat travel fee), and ironically, was the company whose card I had picked up at the storage place.

Ascertaining their help with the heavy lifting is a huge burden off my back (literally).

Now to wrangle me a Uhaul truck!  Yee-haw!

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Friday 6th of November 2009

It is great that you had a positive experience with Unfortunately that is not the normal experience. Check out our blog and read some other Emove stories

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