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Koh Phi Phi Don – Take 2

My air-con room on Phi Phi Don - so comfy

The longboat dropped us off along the more populated isthmus of Phi Phi and we headed into town, wet with sweat and saltwater. After receiving a tip from another traveler that most of the accommodation was of equal price and value, we went with air-conditioned rooms at his place. The tipping point was free internet, though we'd later find the catch was a sole computer with a 30 minute per day rule in a separate building adjacent to a construction site. The rooms were great though. My queen bed was wonderful, with big fluffy pillows and a soft comforter. A few cable TV channels and a fridge were included in the $24/night cost.

The main beach on Koh Phi Phi Don

We settled in, got some brunch, and headed to the beach. To my surprise, the view was just as amazing as Maya Bay. Around sunset, I headed to the beach and found it to be low tide. Huge swaths of sand were uncovered while boats sat impotent, awaiting the water's return.

A bird stops by for a few photos

Locals were playing a soccer game on the uncovered sand, while tourists like me enjoyed a Singha, trying to absorb the absolute beauty of what was before us.

Sunset from main Phi Phi Don beach - another stunner

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Friday 5th of September 2008

Those pictures are amazing ! I'm jealous.


Thursday 4th of September 2008

Those pictures are amazing ! I'm jealous.

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