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More Images From Boudhnath Stupa


A wedding procession circles the stupa

A marching band accompanies a wedding procession around Boudhnath Stupa one afternoon.

Butter lamps

Butter lamps.

A Tibetan woman spinning prayer wheels

A Tibetan woman spins prayer wheels.

Rooftop restaurant view of stupa

A rooftop view of the stupa…well worth the extra dollar or two per meal.

A child requests a donation from a local monk

A monk tries to ignore a begging child….but later relents and offers a donation.

Behold the pigeons at sunrise

Pigeons being fed at sunrise.

Room at PRK Guest House

My room at the PRK Guest house – one of my all time favorites!

Boudha shop

A colorful shop selling drums, incense, and other decorations to tourists, locals, monks, and monasteries.

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Saturday 17th of May 2008

Your travels and photos continue to impress. Looking at the picture of your room in Boudhnath Stupa, I'm wondering if you have pics of your best and worst night's accommodations from your travels so far.

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