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Peschici: Whitewashed Homes and Cobblestone Roads

Following a fun morning exploring the back streets of Vico del Gargano and lunch at the Arianna Club where we were staying, my fellow bloggers and I were introduced to Peschici.

Cobblestone streets of Peschici, Italy
White walls invite graffiti, yet even spray paint seems to have its place here.

Peschici is a whitewashed seaside village of 4,400 residents at the northernmost point of the Gargano promontory in southern Italy.

As was the case in Vico, I felt an overwhelming urge to scurry off and lose myself in the narrow cobblestone streets of the historic center.

This time, I also made sure to stop for gelato and pick up a few little souvenirs in one of the many gift shops.

Daily life
A woman chats with someone outside her front door while the laundry dries in the fading sunlight around the corner.
Homes in Peschici
Look up for a different perspective. The geometry of the buildings caught my eye here.
Looking inland toward the green hills of Gargano
Looking inland toward the green hills of Gargano.
Kids look out over the Adriatic Sea at the northernmost point of Peschici.

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Love locks
Love locks signify couples' commitments to one another.
Gelateria Creperia Michel in Peschici
The popular Gelateria Creperia Michel is in the heart of Peschici's historic center.
Chocolate gelato topped with a scoop of Nutella
Chocolate gelato topped with a scoop of Nutella.
A couple enjoys the sunset together
A couple enjoys the sunset together.
The village of Peschici, Italy
Peschici from a distance.


My trip to Gargano, Italy, was in partnership with Gargano OK.

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Saturday 25th of October 2014

Looks like a nice town with the historic buildings and roads.

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