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Philippines Travel Tips and Advice

The cost of travel in the Philippines is relatively cheap, with average Southeast Asian prices.

The most expensive part about traveling to the Philippines is the initial flight to get there, given its location, a chain of islands off the coast of the Asian subcontinent.

Individual boat rides are affordable. For example, a fast ferry from El Nido to Coron is as low as 1,800 PHP ($37).

Manila (photo: Michael Buillerey)
Manila (photo: Michael Buillerey)

However, if you plan on visiting many destinations throughout the Philippines, fees can add up due to island hopping and plane flights.

If you wish to stay put and not try to hop around too many islands, the price of daily living can be very affordable.

The Philippines uses the Philippine Peso: 1 USD = 53 Philippine Pesos (PHP).

Before booking a flight, read this safe travel resource by Traveloka and check on the latest entry requirements in the Philippines, restrictions, quarantine, and other health-related news and updates.


I couchsurfed and stayed at local Filipino homes for most of my two-month stay in the Philippines. That being said, there are plenty of options.

Dorm Beds: If you aim to save money, search for dorm beds which can be found from $2 – $5 (not always available)

Private Double Rooms:  More common than dorm beds are private rooms with a few beds in them; the lowest private double rooms go for $5 – $10

Step Up (Mid-Range): $15 – $30 will get you a nice hotel room

I stayed in small guesthouses and bungalows in Banaue, Batad, and Mayoyao rice terraces for 200 – 300 PHP ($4.64 – $6.96) per night by myself

I splurged for a charming guest house dorm bed in Sagada and paid 250 PHP ($5.80) per night

Accommodation can get more expensive on islands popular with tourists, like Boracay.

Street food in Manila (photo: Alessandra Sio)
Street food in Manila (photo: Alessandra Sio)


There are plenty of street snacks and edibles that are super cheap. However, on the street, most meals, including rice and side dishes, run from about 50 – 150 PHP ($1.16 – $3.48).

If you prefer fine dining, you can get the best deals on restaurants in Davao, Cebu, and Manila. Through mobile apps like eatigo, you can easily find places to eat and enjoy their unique dishes.

Manila street dining – Jolly Jeep street food: 50 – 150 PHP ($1.16 – $3.48)

Meals at fast-food chains: 100 – 200 PHP ($2.32 – $4.64)

Sitting down for nicer meals at restaurants can cost anywhere from 200 – 600 PHP ($4.64 – $13.92) per meal.

I splurged on a beautiful Korean meat barbecue dinner that came out to be 500 PHP ($11.60) per person after we were all overly stuffed.

Giant seafood extravaganza is known as seafood dampa (order fresh seafood and they cook it right then and there): about 300 PHP ($6.96) per person.

Nightlife / Drinking

As the home of San Miguel beer, the Philippines (just like Vietnam) has some super cheap beer.

Beers from convenience stores / local bars: 20 – 40 PHP ($0.46 – $0.93)

San Miguel beer from bars: 30 – 50 PHP ($0.70 – $1.16), often a deal of 6 for 200 PHP ($4.64)

Tanduay is the most common local liquor: 1 liter for 50 – 100 PHP ($1.16 – $2.32)

Drinks at fancier clubs and bars: 100 – 200 PHP ($2.32 – $4.64)

Some nicer nightclubs charge a cover: 200 – 500 PHP ($4.64 – $11.60)

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Jeepneys (photo: gloverbh222)
Jeepneys (photo: gloverbh222)


Within Manila

Metro: 10 – 15 PHP ($0.23 – $0.35) per ride

Bus: 10 – 20 PHP ($0.23 – $0.46) per ride

Jeepneys: Usually 7 – 10 PHP ($0.16 – $0.46) depending on where you are going

Taxi: 30 PHP ($0.70) start-up fare and then increases from there. Make sure to confirm the driver uses the meter.

Tricycle: Small motorcycle-constructed vehicles that run around the neighborhoods of Manila and small towns should cost 5 – 20 PHP ($0.12 – $0.46) depending on the distance.

Outside of Manila

Flight: I took a cheap one-way flight with Zest Airlines from Manila to the island of Palawan for 488 PHP ($11.33); coming back to Manila, I purchased a flight one day before departure for 1300 PHP ($30.17).

Airlines to check out for flights to other islands are Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, or SE Air.

Bus: A decent overnight bus from Manila to Naga City in the region of Bicol costs 850 PHP ($19.73). I also took an overnight bus from Manila to the rice terrace town of Banaue for 450 PHP ($10.44).

A 2-hour bus ride from Manila to Tagaytay to see the world's smallest active volcano: 110 PHP ($2.55)

A 6-hour bus ride from Manila to Baguio City: 350 PHP ($8.12)

Sample Costs of Sites and Attractions


  • Manila Ocean Park: 400 PHP ($9.28)
  • Walking around old colonial town Intramuros: Free
  • Fort Santiago: 75 PHP ($1.74)
  • Ayala Museum: 350 PHP ($8.12)
  • Night of Karaoke: 300 PHP ($6.96)

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El Nido on Palawan Island (photo: Cris Tagupa)
El Nido on Palawan Island (photo: Cris Tagupa)

Outside of Manila

  • Hot Spring in Bicol – 200 PHP ($4.64)
  • All-day and night personal guide hiking through the mountains of the Ifugao region of the Philippines (I was by myself) – 350 PHP ($8.12)
  • Guide for hiking through a cave in Sagada: 200 – 400 PHP ($4.64 – $9.28)  per person
  • Round trip from Manila to the top of Mount Taal – the world's smallest active volcano: around 700 PHP ($16.24)
  • Renting a boat and crew to cruise around Coron island in Palawan: 500 – 1000 PHP ($11.60 – $23.20) per person depending on how many people are with you

Traveling and attractions around the Philippines' islands often cater to groups, so it's usually cheaper to have a few friends to split costs with.

When considering the cost of travel in the Philippines, don't forget about the 750 PHP ($17.41) tax when leaving the country!

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Thursday 14th of July 2016

I am going next February..sooo excited..bit worried about falling ill though..did you have all your vaccinations?


Saturday 23rd of April 2016

In Manila near MNL international airport en route to Banawe and Sagada cool mountain air up north- or Boracay, Palawan, Bohol warm water beaches and everywhere in between, a convenient and affordable place for connecting to all destinations...lemurian guesthouse is not often on the radar and well suited to journey folk located within a hidden tree lined residential area that seems to contrast with the concrete urban jungle in a peculiar way. Great tip from a travelling poet and musician friend that thought it would be a perfect intro to the countryside destinations chosen!


Friday 31st of July 2015

hi, your summary sounds pretty sweet. I especially liked the sample costs, but I was wondering if you remember names of companies you used, or local guides? thank so much