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Colombian Models at Fashion Week in Medellin

Every July, Colombian models descend on Medellin, which hosts Colombia's annual fashion week, Colombiamoda.

Billed as one of the biggest fashion events in South America, the three-day show is an opportunity for local and international designers to share their latest collections, both in a public expo-center setting by day, and on the runways at night.

On the first day, I headed over to Plaza Mayor with Dave to catch a glimpse of the Colombian models, and snap a few photos.

Entry to the show cost 80,000 COP, or about $40 USD, and our badges stated that we were “International Buyers.” It was a fun day.

Models at Fashion Week in Medellin, Colombia
Swimsuit models! These girls rocked and were fun to photograph. Every time we walked past them, they struck a pose for us.
Colombian model wearing tie-dye.
The first model of the day that I shot. I awarded her as the winner for the best smile!
An Orbis Ring flash highlights this woman's eyes.
I used an Orbis Ring flash to get this photo effect. I love it because it makes the eyes pop and gives a soft shadow around the body. Voted her for best eyes! Go figure on that one huh!
A Colombian woman in white lingerie.
Lingerie model that was about 6'2″ (189cm) tall! I voted her the sexiest model of the show.
Seated model at Colombiamoda in Medellin.
We did an interview with her for the “Faces Series” …more to come on that! Voted her as the “Girl Next Door!”
Female Colombian model
A model that we talked with for 15min. Voted her as the most approachable model of the day.
A woman wearing paint and sequins.
She is wearing a painted-on shirt. Took me an hour to get this photo because the line around her was crazy the whole time. Voted as “Least Shy” model of the day!
Male models
Yes, something for you ladies too. But the ratio of female-to-male models was about 15-1.
Women wearing street clothes
Street clothes models!  Voted them the “Please tell me they are single and looking” award.

.           Models at the Fashion Show Medellin, Colombia Models at the Fashion Show Medellin, Colombia Models at the Fashion Show Medellin, Colombia

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Friday 20th of September 2013

Great post and photos!! I have heard great things about Colombian women from several people. I was in many South American countries including Ecuador but these women must not cross the border!


Tuesday 4th of September 2012

Hey Dave, Real Pro,real shoots. No air brushing required for Colombian models. Thanks for amazing photos Dave.


Tuesday 4th of September 2012

Thanks CG, but the real credit goes to my friend Troy, the photographer whose photos I published (with his permission of course).


Saturday 23rd of June 2012

Lombian women are so beautiful and to the girl that metiined cellulite what a jealous bitch you must be damn.

Heather Stearns

Wednesday 16th of May 2012

Thank you for sharing these women who look real, beautiful, and happy! After all, they are models (so yep, they might have had some enhancements) and have a job to do. I hope that over time, more of these images make it to mainstream publications and the general media reduces the amount of alien-like female images that get distributed. Women need to flaunt their gorgeous curves not shy away from them!


Monday 13th of February 2012

I am currently dating a women from Cali columbia and she is the most beautiful women I have dated ever! American women are ok but they bitch and complain every 5 minutes and you add that with how american women look , Hands down I will take a women from south America any Day !

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