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Lunch Atop the Swiss Alps on Schilthorn

During a one week swing through Switzerland two years ago, I took a bus from Interlaken to a train, to a tram which rose to an elevation of 10,000 feet amongst the jagged mountain peaks of the Swiss Alps.

My destination? A rotating restaurant on Schilthorn peak, which was built for the James Bond movie “Her Majesty's Secret Service.” It was there that I enjoyed my one and only lunch atop the Swiss Alps.

Jungfrau (4,158m), Monch (4,099m), and Eiger (3,970m) mountains

View of (from right to left): Jungfrau (4,158m), Monch (4,099m), and Eiger (3,970m) mountains from atop Schilthorn.

Skiiers on Interlaken bus

An Interlaken bus loaded with Skiiers and their equipment. The scene reminded me of the old Warren Miller ski videos I use to watch as a kid. At the time, I dreamed of skiing in Switzerland, and the irony of not skiing once I made it as an adult was not lost on me!

The train to Interlaken

For those without a car, taking the train is one way to reach the tram to Schilthorn.

The rotating restaurant atop Schilthorn

The rotating restaurant built atop Schilthorn (10,000 feet) was the scene of the James Bond movie “His Majesty's Secret Service.”

Out of bonunds

A warning sign greets skiers and snowboarders considering the off-piste (out of bounds) terrain atop Schilthorn.

The Swiss Alps

The mountain peaks of the Swiss Alps extend as far as the eye can see.

Spatzli Delight

For lunch, I ordered Spatzli Delight: mini dumplings with homemade cheese spaetzle, bacon, roasted onions, and pear slices. And hot coffee to drink. It was as delicious as it looks!

Looking back at Schilthorn

A look back at Schilthorn from the descending tram. It was mid-afternoon, and the sun was already heading toward the western horizon.

Ski lift

A ski lift as seen from above on the tram. The little people on skis below helped to give me a sense of scale.

Ski village

On the way down from Schilthorn, I stopped midway to walk around a small ski village. There wasn't much to see except for a few small shops selling food to the skiers who rent condos up there.

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Tuesday 2nd of July 2013

Beautiful photos! We've been to Switzerland and can't wait to go back, your photos make me want to plan the trip soon!


Wednesday 28th of March 2012

Your photos look amazing and Skiing in Switzerland is awesome. But often a litte bit expensive for students and backpackers. I prefer going to France. Though there the "Käs Spätzle" are missing. =)


Monday 31st of January 2011

Switzerland hill photos fantastic. No one can't see without come this website.very nice. thanks for sharing this information


Tuesday 25th of January 2011

Gorgeous views! Looks so calming. And that lunch, it's making me hungry! What a perfect day.


Thursday 20th of January 2011

Wow the Alps are truly amazing!

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