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Planning a Round the World Trip Can Be Simple and Easy

Hagia Sophia - Istanbul (photo: Dave Lee)

Hagia Sophia – Istanbul (photo: Dave Lee)

Have you ever dreamt of traveling around the world?

It starts with a typical round trip flight to a country of your choice in South East Asia or South America after college graduation or for vacation.

For older readers and empty nesters, it's how you've always looked forward to spending your retirement.

Imagine a scenario where you could add more destinations spread across different continents to your trip itinerary. This could be your dream trip, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

More and more people are stepping out of their comfort zones; long-term and gap year travel is gaining momentum and acceptance.

All it takes is a bit of self-belief to take that leap of faith and set off to see the world.

Embarking on a long-term trip isn't just for the wealthy or younger millennial generation. No matter who you are and what your reasons, traveling around the world can be a game-changer.


Traveling around the world for months, or even years is quite different from your regular annual vacation.

It takes a lot of courage to step away from your daily routines and comforts of home.

It's going to change you as a person, but change you for the better! The more cultures you discover, the more you'll learn about yourself and humanity.

Expanding your horizons and seeing the world is a life-changing experience, so it's not hard to understand the reasons why a RTW trip appeals to many.

Such a trip can open your mind to new possibilities you may not even be able to imagine from your office cubicle. So, the idea is to break free from your mental shackles and fulfill your curiosity quotient.

Overcoming fear is necessary, and you'll need to put to rest any excuses for why you can't take a big trip.

Going on a round-the-world sojourn is a rewarding experience. A gap year on your résumé with a travel experience is something unique and will help you stand out from the crowd. This is the kind of invaluable real world education you can't get in a classroom.

Each one of us has an ‘adventurer’ within us, and just a bit of introspection and a sense of realization is what we have to do to say ‘yes’ to traveling the world.

It's not difficult to open our mind and break down the barriers that restrict us from seeing the world to its fullest.

Venice, Italy (photo: Dave Lee)

Venice, Italy (photo: Dave Lee)

RTW Tickets

To fulfill your dream trip, you'll want to get ahold of a Round The World (RTW) ticket which lets you travel the world on a single ticket. Yes, traveling the world on a single ticket is possible.

It doesn't cost a fortune, and with the right amount of planning, a Round The World Ticket is affordable irrespective of your age or financial capabilities.

You can buy a RTW ticket for as little as about $2,000 for a fantastic itinerary which includes:


A RTW ticket is just like any other plane ticket; only it has more stops and destinations spread across the world.

It uses a combination of airlines, which may or may not be their partners. It's a series of city-to-city tickets rolled into one unified ticket.

It's certainly a convenient way to fly around the world as you don't have to worry about booking your tickets at various intervals. Your one ticket already has each stop booked in advance.

A RTW ticket is a complex maze involving multiple flights, sectors, timings, dates, destinations, stopovers, overland travel and a bagful of experiences and stories.

Looking from a convenience angle, they can be helpful and are an excellent value-for-money option.

It certainly helps you save both time and money. Irrespective of your style and preference of traveling, these tickets are the best bet for you.

Round the world trip flight map

Flight map (photo: Dave Lee)

RTW Specialists

Getting your around-the-world-trip planned through a specialist agency comes with a lot of advantages.

The first important aspect is that of personalized service. If you've booked your RTW tickets with a specialized agency, you'll always have an agent assisting you throughout your trip.

Imagine a scenario where you miss your flight, or your flight gets canceled. Only an agent can bail you out of such situation, not a robot (in the case of alliances where ticket prices are automated)!

The other advantage is that you'll enjoy reasonable savings while deciding the dates and destinations of your itinerary.

The travel experts at Ticketsroundtheworld specialize in creating personalized and customized tickets and itineraries for travelers who want to explore the world. They take out all the stress in planning your trip and make it incredibly easy and affordable.

Their experts are adept at going through the complex maze of combining airlines, sectors, dates, flight schedules, stopovers and what not.

Apart from their expertise on round the world airfare and flights, they'll have recommendations about the dates of travel where you can get lower airfares.

They can recommend interesting stopovers you might want to consider adding to your itinerary and offer great options regarding flexibility and saving money.

So, what’s stopping you from getting your hands on a ticket to explore the world? Get your own personalized RTW ticket and see the experiences that lie in store for you.


This story was provided by and brought to you in partnership with Ticketsroundtheworld.

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Izy Berry

Saturday 16th of September 2017

Love this inspiration filled post! Every sentence was a call to action and $2000 for RTW? Not bad! I think these thoughts are going to linger for quite some time!

aiman Parween

Sunday 3rd of September 2017

world tour is everyone's dream

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