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Discover Rome: 11 Iconic Attractions You Have to Visit

European city breaks are often full of excitement, sightseeing, and delicious food. If you’ve been updating your travel bucket list lately, you must include Rome in Italy. As well as being an ancient city full of art, culture, and history, Rome has many iconic attractions to explore.

To ensure you enjoy your next solo or family vacation in Rome, put together a detailed plan and itinerary to help you get through it all. The capital of Italy is one of the most popular cities in Europe, and for many good reasons. There's much to enjoy and explore, whether you’re interested in prominent churches, art galleries, or Italian cuisine.

The Colosseum is a top attraction in Rome, Italy (photo: Pexels).
The Colosseum (photo: Pexels)

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You can leave your bags in a secure place while you begin your adventure. Have peace of mind that your luggage, carry-on bags, and other bulky belongings are being taken care of while you kick off your dream vacation. Now that your luggage is all taken care of, let’s delve into the 11 stunning sights you’ll want to add to your Italian itinerary.

Roman Attractions

1. Villa Farnesina

If you want to peek inside the residence of one of the wealthiest men from the Renaissance, Villa Farnesina is the place to go. This is a truly authentic Italian experience where you can view art from this period in its natural setting without big tourist crowds. Learning about mythological themes and Roman gods is a bonus for this spot.

2. Villa Doria Pamphilj

The Villa Doria Pamphilj is the ideal spot for a full day outside, where you can experience nature, a delicious meal, and a delightful stroll in the open air. With vast stretches of forests and wild plants, this Rome attraction allows you to experience a touch of country life in the middle of a busy European capital.

3. Testaccio Market

The Testaccio Market is a must-see in Rome, especially if you’re a keen foodie who wants to try all the best Italian delicacies. Here, you’ll find the freshest bakeries, produce, delectable fish, deli foods, and more. Plenty of stores also sell homeware, clothing, and accessories if you’re looking for a token souvenir to take home.

4. The Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the most famous attractions in Rome, and it'd be outlandish to miss out on its stunning architecture and history. You’ve probably seen it in many pictures, and it most certainly lives up to expectations. Two thousand years ago, the Colosseum was the primary space in Rome for public executions, gladiator fights, and wild beast hunts. The building still stands so beautifully today and is a must-see if you’re in Rome.

5. Palazzo Massimo

The Palazzo Massimo became a state-owned museum in the 1980s and is next to Rome's busiest train station. If you’re an ancient art enthusiast, you must visit the Palazzo Massimo.

6. The Tiber River

People walking and biking along the Tiber River in Rome (photo: Gabriella Clare Marino).
People enjoying the Tiber River (photo: Gabriella Clare Marino)

The Tiber River is the ideal place to stop for an authentic Italian coffee and rest your tired feet after a day of sightseeing. You can even book supper cruises that will take you across the Tiber River at sunset. They often feature live music, making for a truly memorable experience.


If you’re looking to spend an afternoon in one of Rome's most beautiful modern museums, MAXXI is the place to go. For all things contemporary, MAXXI showcases the best of the best, from cinema to fashion. The artwork is incredible, and you can easily spend several hours casually strolling through this incredible and memorable building.

8. Domus Aurea

The design of the Domus Aurea is a sight to behold, so be sure to get a guided tour through this picturesque pavilion created by Emperor Nero in the 1st Century.

9. Jubilee Church

Designed by American architect Richard Meier, the Jubilee Church is just a short six-mile journey from the center of Rome. It’s free of charge to enter the church and well worth a visit to learn more about the history behind this astounding building.

10. The Piazza Venezia

One of the most famous piazzas in Rome is the Venezia, where you will find the most amazing traditional Italian foods and authentic structures. If you’re interested in visiting the Piazza Venezia, you may want to consider a Rome bus tour to get you from A to B quickly and efficiently. As you will experience, Rome involves a lot of walking, so it may be a welcome break to sit down on a bus and soak in the sights with an audio tour guide.

11. The Caracalla Baths

Ruins of the Caracalla Baths (photo: Gianni Crestani).
Ruins of Caracalla (photo: Gianni Crestani)

The Baths of Caracalla were built in the 3rd Century and used as a bathing area by the general public. During the day, you can walk through the old ruins and see the stunning architecture in all its glory. The lighting in this high-profile spot is particularly inspiring during the summer months.


As you can see, Rome has many attractions that can leave you longing for a longer vacation. Whether hopping on a bus tour and roaming around the most famous piazza or spending a day at a stunning church surrounded by Roman history, there’s much to see and do.

To get the most from your Italian vacation, tailor your itinerary to your family's interests. Once you've begun exploring, stay open and curious. Go off-script as inspired. Hopefully, your upcoming Rome trip is full of fun, fascination, and fantastic food.


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