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How To Save Money When Moving Overseas

How to save money when moving overseas

Buy second hand instead of bringing everything with you (photo: Nicole Hanusek)

There’s no doubt about it – moving overseas to start a new chapter in your life is exciting but if you’re planning on setting up a new life in a foreign country, you might be looking for the most cost-effective way to go about it.

Relocating can be costly, but these six tips can help you to hold onto your hard-earned cash.

Minimize Your Luggage

Moving your belongings from Point A to B costs money. While airlines will normally charge you on the weight of your combined items, sea carriers charge by the container, so to keep fees low it’s a good idea to keep your luggage to a minimum.

Of course, it can be hard to decide exactly what you want to take with you, but there’s no need to fear as anything you don’t pack, trash, recycle, or sell can be placed in a storage unit.

Self-storage in Bournemouth and other countries can be safe, secure and surprisingly cheap, allowing you to keep everything from furniture to other heavy goods you don’t want to ship (but don’t want to let go of) in good condition.

Do Your Research

When it comes to shipping your items, be it by boat or plane; always do your research to find the best deals.

Prices can differ from company to company, so if you’re on a budget, compare different shipping organizations before making a decision.

If using a shipper or exporter for your goods, a move manager will oversee your shipment and send you your bill.

Before you make any agreement, make yourself aware of any other charges that might get added along the way – such as a release fee if your items get held or searched.

Research costs for shipping by air (photo: Peter Walters, Flickr)

Research costs for shipping by air (photo: Peter Walters)

Book Your Flights in Advance

Flights can be a huge expense and researching money-saving travel tips and secrets in advance can help reduce the overall cost of your big adventure.

Booking your air tickets early is one of the best ways to grab a deal as many airlines offer early bird deals for those who book ahead. If you’re prepared to fly off-peak during unsociable hours of the day you are sure to save even more dollars.

Book Accommodation in Advance

If you are moving to a foreign country a little while before your property is going to be ready, try to book suitable accommodation in advance.

Being organized and making a reservation in good time should land you the best deals and you could even get a bargain on a little studio apartment or cheap hotel room if you plan ahead.

While it’s fine to stay in “holiday” accommodation for a while, don’t forget to include a moving date in your contract so you aren’t left waiting for a property that’s not ready which could mean spending more in unwanted hostel or hotel bills.


If you can choose your apartment before you arrive (photo: Frank)

Buy Second Hand

When you finally arrive at your new property and are settling in, you’ll probably need to buy one or two things that you left behind.

You might even want to add a few “homey” touches so don’t be afraid to visit the local markets or charity shop equivalents and stock up on second-hand necessities.

There are many great bargains out there and if you throw yourself into the local culture you might even find yourself bartering or haggling for reduced prices.

Many traders expect a bit of price negotiation and while you don’t want to come across too pushy it’s well worth perfecting your haggling skills if you want a price reduction.

Get Your Finances Straight at Home

Before even stepping foot on a bus, boat, plane or train, make sure your finances are straight at home.

Stop all unnecessary direct debits such as magazine subscriptions or gym memberships which can be easily forgotten.

Moreover, if you’re holding onto a property back home, it might be worth renting it out rather than struggling to pay two mortgages.

While it might be hard to imagine strangers moving in, the extra money coming in each month will make your life easier and free up some cash for your new life abroad.

Moving to a different country can be undoubtedly costly so saving as much money as you can before you begin your new life overseas allows you that bit extra to spend in your brand new shiny life.


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Oliver Patterson

Monday 12th of October 2015

This is exactly the help I needed. Me and my girlfriend are in the course of choosing a country to move to and make a change with our lives. We're not exactly rich and your post helps us a lot. Thank you for sharing and helping so many people that need a helping hand every day.

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