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School Daze, Crab A La Bourdain, And Durian

University clubs

On my second full day in Singapore, I ran an errand with Ian to his alma mater, the National University of Singapore.

It was fun to walk through the halls and eat in the cafeteria with all the students. It brought back memories from my college years.

Afterward, I opted for us to go back to his apartment so I could rest.

I was tired from the previous day and wanted to continue using the convenient and fast internet access.

Sin Huat Eating House

The plan for dinner was to track down Sin Huat Eating House, a local haunt frequented by famous chefs, including none other than Anthony Bourdain.

If anyone can recall whether this was a restaurant featured on “No Reservations,” let me know.

I know he went there as it was publicized in a travel brochure, and clearly, the prices reflected it more than the interior decorating.

Fresh crab and noodles

There were big tanks with live crabs, scallops, and fish. I saw someone's crab and noodle order and figured it was the way to go.

We didn't get menus; instead, the waiter suggested items. When I asked about the prices, I was taken aback to hear one crab with noodles would run me about $37.

I went with it, though, and assaulted that sucker like there was no tomorrow.

Ian and Waffa (and my Tiger beer!)

Ian and Waffa just looked on, graciously taking photos as I fumbled with the extraction of tasty crab meat.

I tasted a bit of the roe, or guts, to be adventurous (orange stuff you see in the shell). Twas not my cup of tea, so I stuck to the claws.

Eventually, I ran out of steam and Tiger beer, so we paid the bill and headed for my dessert, the fabled and utterly stinky Durian fruit.

Street scene

The walk to the fruit stands with Durian was eye-opening. We were on the street bordering the red-light district.

It was about 9 or 10 pm on a weekday, and the restaurants were packed with people dining al fresco (the modus operandi in Singapore). Lots of lights and people.

Plenty to go around

Eventually, we found a stand with heaps of Durian fruit. Ian bought us each one.

The store clerk helped crack it open, and then Ian did the rest to expose the pudding-like fruit within the hard exterior shell.

Gooey Durian....mmmm

We began to scoop it out with our fingers, mindful of the pits. Yes, I could smell an odor in the area. However, I didn't find it overly pungent.

I started to acquire a taste for the fruit. It was certainly unlike any other I'd tasted.

Upon completion, we chucked the shells in nearby wastebaskets as so many had done before us and headed home.

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Sunday 6th of June 2010

Thanks for sharing the video clip!

Teh Vesti

Sunday 6th of June 2010

might have been too old of a post to answer your question.. but.. he went there on his old food network show "A Cook's Tour"

Kango Suz

Wednesday 26th of March 2008

Wow, that Durian fruit just looks too much like a slug in that picture for me. Still, kudos to you for trying it! -Suz San Diego Family Hotels

Kango Suz

Wednesday 26th of March 2008

Wow, that Durian fruit just looks too much like a slug in that picture for me. Still, kudos to you for trying it! -Suz San Diego Family Hotels


Sunday 2nd of March 2008

I am loving your blog(Found it from bootsnall)! Straight to the point and I love that you include photos! Really great and it sounds like your are having a fabulous time. I didn't get to see Bali or Singapore on my "journey" so this is making me think I might need to get out there again. :mrgreen: Keep up the good "work"!


Monday 3rd of March 2008

Kristen -

Thanks for the feedback! My parents asked for lots of photos early on, so I've taken the time to add them to almost every post. I can't imagine it'd be as fun for me to share or you to read if I didn't do so.

Despite my difficulties in Bali, I wholeheartedly recommend visiting. I almost want to go back again after I've toured SE Asia!

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