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Souvenir Saturday: Dragon Tea Cup

Dragon Tea Cup

Dragon Tea Cup

During my time in Chengdu, China I drank a lot of tea.  Once I realized the tea shop people love to have tourists do a tea tasting with them, I ducked into those shops left and right.  When I was getting ready to leave the city, I figured a tea cup would be the perfect reminder of my time there.

The more expensive cups and pots are made of clay, and look fairly dull and plan.  I learned that they can absorb the flavor of the tea you use with them.  For that reason, it's recommended you only drink a specific tea out of the cup, such as black, or green.

Because I couldn't see myself committing to just one tea, I bought the cup above.  I was born in the year of the dragon, and my favorite color is blue, so it was meant to be.

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Sunday 30th of January 2011

That's gorgeous, but how in the world did you manage to get that home in one piece?

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