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What to See in Tenerife on a Budget

Los Gigantes

Los Gigantes (photo: Capt' Gorgeous)

Tenerife has been one of Europe’s most popular tourist destination for decades.

Well known as an island of resorts and good times, it conjures up an image of package holidays and tourist bars.

While this is one side to Tenerife, there are plenty of other facets to this volcanic island awaiting your discovery.

The famed resorts of Playas de la Americas and Los Cristianos attract most of the visitors each year.

However, if you look a little closer, you can find plenty of delights on this enchanting island for those with a lower budget.

With beautiful colonial villages, stunning mountainous vistas, lush forests, and more hiking trails than most other islands, Tenerife has plenty to offer you no matter your holiday budget.

In fact, some of the island's best activities are free, so take a look at our guide so once you've landed in Tenerife, you'll know where to go without breaking the bank.

Teide National Park

This breathtaking natural park is home to Spain’s highest mountain and is entirely free to explore.

With multiple excellent hiking routes, you can take in the majesty of this otherworldly landscape at your leisure.

There are craters, lava flows, and other geological wonders to explore across nearly 20,000 acres.

There is even a cable car to take you closer to the summit.

The park is a must-do for any trip to Tenerife.

Acantilados de Los Gigantes

Another natural wonder of Tenerife! The cliffs at Los Gigantes are one of the Canary Island’s most famous sites.

These monstrous basalt cliffs rise five hundred meters from the surrounding Atlantic waters.

The best way to take in the beauty of the cliffs is by making a trip to the nearby town of Los Gigantes.

With a delightful harbor lined with lovely cafes and bars, you can enjoy a drink as you take in the awe-inspiring views.

La Orotava Valley

La Orotava valley takes its name from the La Orotava village off the northern coast of the island.

Offering a more verdant slice of Tenerife, the valley is a beautiful green part of the island, rich in wildlife and pine trees.

It is also one of the best parts of Tenerife to explore on foot as you'll walk through woodland, rock formations, and steep canyons.

The town of La Orotava is nearby, so you can enjoy a stroll through the countryside by day and enjoy one of the town's cheaper cafes at night.


While the beaches of Costa Adeje may be the most popular with sun seekers, one of the finest places for a dip is elsewhere.

The village of Garachico was submerged in lava in the 18th century, and today the frozen lava takes the form of several rock pools, that have been fashioned into open-air swimming pools.

These unique fixtures give you a chance to enjoy a swim in the balmy waters of the Atlantic, and once you dry off, you can wander around the picturesque village of Garachico itself.

These are just some of the natural adventures you can have in Tenerife, that won't blow your budget.


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Monday 26th of December 2016

Tenerife is definitely on my to-see list ... thanks for giving me more motivation to go in the near future!

John Miller

Wednesday 21st of December 2016

Tenerife sounds great! Your description makes it seem like paradise. This is what Ed Sheeran was talking about in his song right?

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