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Things to Do in Singapore in 4 Days: The Ultimate Mini-Guide

One of the smallest countries in the world, Singapore is affectionately known as the “little red dot” thanks to its depiction on world maps. However, despite its compact size, Singapore has every chance to win your heart. 

The country immediately amazes with its rich history and the juxtaposition of historical streets and modern skyscrapers—often within blocks of each other! The sights of Singapore attract travelers in search of culture, pristine nature, chic hotels and boutiques, and historical monuments. 

Merlion Park in Singapore (photo: Joshua Ang)
Merlion Park (photo: Joshua Ang)

However, with so many things to do, squeezing everything into your 4-day itinerary can be challenging unless you have this guide! Once you know the Singapore arrival card requirements and are ready to explore the country, our guide will show you where to go.

Explore Singapore’s Central District

The center of the country is called the CBC, or the Central Business District. Giant skyscrapers harmoniously combine with colonial-style buildings, while the best shopping malls intermingle next to ancient museums, delicious restaurants, temples, and more.

No trip to Singapore is complete without familiarizing yourself with the Merlion, a mythical half-lion, half-fish creature symbolizing Singapore. There are currently six Merlion statues scattered around the nation, with the most famous in the aptly named Merlion Park.

Other exciting places to explore in central Singapore include the waterfront of the famous Clark Quay entertainment street, trendy Orchard Road, where you can shop for upscale goods, and Esplanade Park. 

Singapore is famous for its diverse and exciting neighborhoods — don’t forget to stop by Chinatown, Little India (check out the gorgeous and intricate temples!), and Arab Street. 

Enjoy Gardens by the Bay 

After exploring the bustling city center, it’s time to kick back and relax at the peaceful yet futuristic Gardens by the Bay. The Gardens by the Bay consist of three gardens—South, East, and Central—and are dedicated to showcasing the vegetation of South America, Africa, and Asia.

Some of the most noteworthy attractions in the park are two giant greenhouses, a ‘grove’ of futuristic super-trees reminiscent of a scene from the movie Avatar, and a restaurant on top of one of these trees. The gardens are so huge that you can keep busy all day!

Singapore Flyer (photo: Gem Lyn)
Singapore Flyer (photo: Gem Lyn)

The Singapore Flyer

Like the Pacific Park Wheel in Santa Monica or the London Eye in the UK, the Singapore Flyer is a prominent staple in the country’s skyline. At 165 meters, the Flyer is the second-highest Ferris wheel in the world and offers a beautiful view (in comfortable, air-conditioned cabins!), day or night. 

A complete turn of the wheel takes half an hour and will surely be an unforgettable experience during your trip to Singapore. 

Singapore’s Museums

What better way to learn about a country than by spending a day or two strolling through its museums? Start your journey at the National Museum of Singapore. Housed in a historic Victorian building, the museum includes touch screens, audio guides, and interactive displays to immerse you in the vibrant history of Singapore. 

After traveling through history, it’s time to transport yourself to the future with a visit to the ArtScience Museum. The museum is located in an unmissable lotus-shaped building on the coast of Marina Bay—in fact, the lotus petals are designed to illuminate the showrooms with natural light! The museum features exciting exhibitions exploring art, science, culture, and technology. 

One final museum to add to your itinerary is the Asian Civilizations Museum, where you can learn about Singapore’s cultural and historical heritage over the past two centuries. Discover artifacts like the Tang Shipwreck collection, contemporary Asian art, and more. 

Try Michelin-Worthy Food

Michelin restaurants are often associated with astronomical price tags. However, that’s not the case in Singapore! The Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle food stall received a Michelin star in 2016 and is one of the most famous street food stalls in the entire country. 

The outlet owner, Chan Hong Meng, has been preparing his signature soy sauce chicken dish for over 35 years and, judging by rave reviews, has achieved perfection. The best part about the dish is its price, which is a budget-friendly $2 SGD (about $1.50 USD). Where else can you taste a Michelin-worthy dish for a few coins?


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