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Top Adventure Tours in Georgia to Explore

If you're considering adventure tours in Georgia, check out Svaneti

Svaneti, Georgia

Heading to Georgia for your next backpacking adventure?

Great choice!

There is no place better than Georgia to get your adrenaline fix while feeding the travel bug.

Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia has one of the oldest and richest cultural heritages.

Despite being a small European country, Georgia has a contrasting landscape with cascading rivers, stunning valleys, mountainous terrains, green farmlands, coastlines, and beautiful deserts spread throughout the region.

Primarily covered by the Caucasus mountains, Georgia serves as a destination for offbeat adventure and a fantastic vacation.

With the Greater Caucasus Mountains in the north and the Lesser Caucasus in the south, Georgia’s diverse landscape is ideal for those who love exhilarating adventures.

If you are looking for ideas about how to spend your next vacation in this Caucasus country, keep reading. We will discuss the best on-road, on-air, on-water, and winter tours in Georgia!

All that being said, let’s get started with each adventure touring option in Georgia.



On-Road Tours in Georgia

Hiking in Svaneti

Svaneti is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its medieval villages and historical importance.

It has more than its beauty to offer to the tourists – this small district is made up of numerous villages, historic ruins, colorful foliage, and warm inhabitants.

While hiking through the snow-covered mountain hills, ancient towers, and scintillating landscapes, you would feel as if you are walking in a fairyland.

One can walk through richly decorated towers and churches dating back to as early as the 9th century.

The tower houses that were built to defend the city stand with pride as a surviving example of ecclesiastical architecture.

So if you are vacationing near the Greater Caucasus Mountain region of Georgia, consider hiking in Svaneti.



Jeep Tour to Stepantsminda

Close to Tbilisi and surrounded by mountains, Stepantsminda is one of the best places to experience Georgia.

Opt for a one-day jeep tour to this famous destination to get up close to the scenic beauty.

While traversing through the beaten roads of Kazbegi, you can enjoy spectacular landmarks like Ananuri castle, Gergeti Trinity Church, Vedza mineral springs, and Dariali.

Things to Remember

  • The best time to visit this region is from May to October
  • Since peaks are covered in snow all through the summer, pack warm clothes to help ensure you enjoy your trip 
Vineyards in Kakheti

Vineyards in Kakheti

Cycling Tour to Kakheti

If you wish to experience the whole of Georgia in one place, head to Kakheti…cycling!

Known as the wine region, this historic city is nestled between the Greater Caucasus and Azerbaijan and can be best explored by bicycle.

You can enjoy the thrill of cycling through picturesque villages, gravel tracks, and back roads.

The road to Kakheti is filled with historical sites, monasteries, cascading rivers, and Tuscan hilltops, all of which you'll pass through.

Once you reach Kakheti, don’t forget to treat yourself to some delicious delicacies and world-famous wine.

Things to Remember

  • Since the track is easy, even a beginner cyclist can enjoy the route
  • Equip yourself with cycling gear, including a helmet for safety and sunglasses 

Mountain Bike Tour to Samtskhe-Javakheti

Javkheti is a remarkable district in Georgia that shares its land and culture with Armenia.

Javkheti has several lakes, including Paravani, which is one of the largest lakes in Georgia.

No matter what time of the year you choose to visit this quaint place, you will be greeted with spectacular sights.

One can revel in the beauty of the mountain passes and sprawling forest of Javakheti on a bicycle.

Things to Remember

  • The track has a total positive elevation of 2,000 meters and a negative elevation of 1,100 meters
  • You will pass through the Kharagauli National Park and Borjomi during your bike trip


Drive on the Treacherous Road to Tusheti

If you are looking for a major adrenaline rush, get behind the steering wheel and head to Tusheti. This captivating region is only accessible through Abano Pass.

Abano Pass is touted as one of the most dangerous roads for its narrow passage and unpredictable weather conditions.

Since this Caucasus region can only be covered on a four-wheeler, riding through the beaten road requires nerves of steel.

Things to Remember

  • The Abano Pass is only open from late May to early October
  • The pass has numerous narrow turns and steep climbs – take this trip if you are a real adventure-loving soul

Mountain Climbing in Georgia

Ushba Mountain Peaks

Regarded as one of the most challenging summits, this steep, snow-clad hill has two peaks.

To reach the top, one has to pass through complicated routes and cross steep and snowy terrains.

If you are a hardcore mountaineer, you should consider scaling these gorgeous mountain peaks.


If you are an extreme sports enthusiast and love testing your endurance, Shkhara, the highest peak in Georgia, will pique your interest.

Shkhara has nine peaks in total, each of which is filled with intensive climbs.

The area is flocked by hundreds and thousands of adventure travelers who love hiking, camping, and mountaineering.


Located to the east of Central Caucasus, Kazbek is an ‘ice peak mountain’ known for its beauty and height.

This particular mountain is associated with legends, Greek mythology, and folklore.

This rocky region of Georgia has a multitude of topographies that adds to the thrill of trekking.

Hike Up to Abudelauri Lakes

If you admire nature and are willing to scale any terrain to feast on its beauty, plan a hiking tour to Abudelauri Lakes.

Nestled near Roshka village of the Khevsureti region, the lakes are known for many reasons.

What attracts many to these lakes are its distinct color- Green, Blue, and White.

The lakes are located at an elevation of 9,225 feet above sea level, and trekking is relatively easy and effortless.

You can camp near the Green lake or stay in the village to make the most out of your hiking expedition.

Things to Remember

  • If you want an easy walk, start from Roshka village which is two hours walking distance away from the first two lakes
  • For a challenging hike, start from Juta district and walk across Chiukhi pass to reach the lakes


Georgia is an ideal destination for hikers and campers. Not only it has some of the most spectacular places to explore, but it also allows the freedom to camp anywhere. 

There are endless camping choices for serious hikers and enthusiastic backpackers. Here are a few options.

Tobavarchkhili Lakes

Tobavarchkhili Lakes or “silver lakes,” as referred to by the locals, are located in Samegrelo.

To reach here, you will have to trek through Egrisi Mountains. The path is filled with high passes, waterfalls, gorges, and valleys.

Camping in Bochorna

Bochorna is the highest inhabited region in Georgia. To camp here, you will have to trek through 2,345 meters above the sea level.

You can enjoy camping amidst some of the most breathtaking landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains.

Visit the Martvili Canyon

For those who are planning summer adventure tours in Georgia, it’s highly recommended to explore the Martvili Canyon.

This canyon is not only famous for its emerald green Abasha River but also some of the most strikingly beautiful landmarks of Samegrelo.



On-Air Adventure Tours in Georgia

Paragliding in Batumi

Georgia is blessed with mountainous terrains and beautiful landscapes best experience hovering over them.

Your adventure Caucasus tour is incomplete without paragliding.

Nothing can match the experience of gliding over the icy mountains, lush green farmlands, and remote villages near Batumi and Tbilisi.

It will give you the most spectacular views and several memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Things to Remember

  • Dress in comfortable clothes to enjoy at the fullest
  • If you are visiting between October to April, pack winter boots

Zipline in Tbilisi

If you are in the capital of Georgia and want to enjoy the scenic beauty of Tibilisi and its world-famous botanical garden from high above, do try the zipline.

The line starts from Narikala Fortress and runs down to the garden, offering wonderful sights along the way.

The cable is 270 meters in length and suspended 30 meters above the garden.

Things to Remember

  • One can cover the distance from the top of the fort to the middle of the garden in 30 seconds
  • The zipline can take three people at a time

Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride is another activity popular amongst those who come for adventure tours in Georgia.

And why not – being in a hot air balloon is in itself a thrilling experience.

The picturesque backdrop of Atlantic skyline, Stone Mountain, and the Alazani Valley add to the fun of flying over the Kakheti region.

Things to Remember

  • Hot air balloon flights are scheduled according to the weather
  • You can choose between riding during the dawn or near the sunset
  • Pilots will assist you while riding privately or in sharing

On-Water Adventure Tours in Georgia

Whitewater Rafting

River rafting is one of the most enjoyed extreme sports in Georgia. The fast flowing mountain rivers offer routes for all levels of rafting.

While rafting through the rocky river beds, icy water, and turbulent currents, you can feel your heart pumping with thrill and excitement.

Depending on your skills and rafting experience, you can choose to raft in the Aragvi, Kura, Rioni, and the Taskhenitskali rivers.

Things to Remember

  • The rivers are open for rafting between April to late October
  • It is advisable to discuss security and safety concerns beforehand with the tour operator

Parasailing Over the Black Sea

Are you thrilled by the sea and wish to view it from above? Well, if your heart is pumping with excitement while reading this, add parasailing to your adventure sports list for Georgia.

Parasailing is best for those thrilled by flying over a large body of water or who want to conquer their fear of skydiving.

For parasailing, you will be strapped into a harness connecting you to a parachute and a speedboat. As the boat moves forward, your parachute will lift you over the waves.

This action-packed activity will give you a once in a lifetime experience above the water and beaches of the Black Sea.

Things to Remember

  • Like every other adventure sports, the weather and water will influence your parasailing experience
  • Wear a bathing suit or tight fitted dress to avoid getting it caught in the harness
  • If you are a newbie, ask your tour guide/operator to give you all safety details about the adventure
Skiing or snowboarding in Gudauri can make winter adventure tours in Georgia fun

Snowboarder in Gudauri

Skiing and Snowboarding 

Thousands of tourists and extreme sports fanatics flock to the Caucasus Mountains to ski and snowboard here.

Since the Soviet era, Gudauri, Mestia, Hatsvali, Adjarian, and Bakuriani serve as some of the major ski resorts.


Georgia has endless options for adventure enthusiasts and leisure tourists.

The burgeoning tourism has paved the way for better infrastructure, which is attracting more extreme sports enthusiasts.

If you are planning to spend a vacation in Georgia, plan to visit between May to September.

However, don’t forget to pack clothes that dry quickly. The weather in Georgia is unpredictable and can change instantly; always keep waterproof gear handy.

This was our humble attempt to compile a comprehensive list of Caucasus tours for you.

We hope the list will help you plan your next adventure expedition to this stunning land.


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