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The Cost of Travel in Indonesia

How much does it cost to travel Indonesia?

In this guide, we'll share the cost of traveling to Indonesia, look at Indonesia hotel prices and accommodation budgets, share our best tip for finding cheap hostels and hotels, and help you choose a daily budget.

Indonesian Rupiah (photo: Dave Lee)
Indonesian rupiah

Intro to Indonesia Travel Costs

Indonesia is a vast country that is made up of a massive archipelago of over 17,000 islands.

Each island offers a great natural environment and a diversity of cultures, traditions, and ethnic groups.

In a country where you can relax on pristine islands, see orangutans in the wild, climb volcanoes, and visit ancient historical sites, the cost of travel in Indonesia ensures it will continue to be a good deal for the budget traveler.

Indonesia uses the Rupiah (IDR) currency: $1 = 14,170 IDR (July 2019)

Indonesia Visa Information

Things are changing as the government tries to increase tourism in the country.

Currently, citizens of most countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK, can get a 30 day-extendable stamp, free of charge, or pay $35 for a “Visa on Arrival,” which can be extended by 30 days if you wish.

Once you land, you will choose either the “Visa Free” line, or the “Visa on Arrival” line, depending on what you want.

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Flights are a factor when calculating the cost of travel in Indonesia.
Arriving in Borneo

Cost of Transportation

Indonesia, as a chain of islands, sometimes presents a challenge when it comes to transportation.

For traveling from major island to island, there is a choice of ferry or flight.

Indonesian-style buses navigate the streets, but roads are often in poor conditions.

How to Get Cheap Flights in Indonesia

Discount airlines operating in Indonesia can save you tons of time moving around the country.

We recommend using Skyscanner to search for the best flights. Here are a few examples of what a domestic flight costs in Indonesia. 

Download the Skyscanner app to find all the great deals on airfare for Indonesia and beyond – iOS click here or Android click here.

Sample Costs 

Trying to get from Medan, Sumatra, to Jakarta on the island of Java, there was a bus and ferry combination or taking a flight.

The journey by road would have taken four days and the flight about two hours. With only a one-month visa for Indonesia, I scooped up an Air Asia flight for $52 (736,000 IDR).

Check on Skyscanner as Indonesia has some domestic airlines that cost about $50 or less between Jakarta and Medan, and about $40 Jakarta to Bali.

Trains on Java

On the island of Java, the train is a great transportation option.

Economy class overnight train from Jakarta to Yogyakarta cost me $8 (113,000 IDR).

I also took the train from Yogyakarta to Surabaya for $5 (65,000 IDR).

Buses and Other Overland Options

If the train is not available, the bus is the only option left. Taking buses often can help you keep the cost of travel in Indonesia down.

I took a nice 12-hour bus from Cemoro Lawang (Mount Bromo) to Probolinggo, Java, and across a ferry to Denpasar, Bali, at the cost of $12 (165,000 IDR).

Within cities, there is the possibility of taking local buses, tuk-tuks, rickshaws, or renting a motorcycle or car.

At Lake Toba, I rented a motorcycle for a day for about $7 (99,000 IDR), including petrol.

In Bali, a few friends and I rented a micro Suzuki SUV that cost $23 (325,000 IDR) for 24 hours. It can be worth it to be able to go anywhere on your own time.

Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo at sunrise

Cost of Accommodation

Accommodation, in general, is quite affordable, if not outright cheap!

Hostels are set up more like guesthouses; it's often easier to find double rooms than dorm beds.

Some double rooms come en-suite, while others have communal bathroom facilities.

Guesthouses in the major cities or tourist areas, like Jakarta or Bali, have inflated room prices, but prices are still reasonable.

As an example, along with a friend, I paid $4 (57,000 IDR), $1.90 each for a double room in the city of Medan, Sumatra, but on the beautiful shores of Lake Toba, we only paid $2 (30,000 IDR) for a double room.

It almost seemed outrageous when the cheapest guesthouse we could find in Jakarta was $5 (75,000 IDR) per night, but then you realize it's not too much when split by two people.

Accommodation prices in Bali and the popular tourist-oriented islands of Indonesia are generally slightly more pricey.

A step above the cheapest rooms that come with air conditioning can cost around $8 – $15 (113,000 – 213,000 IDR) per night.

Potato Head Beach Club Bali
Potato Head Beach Club Bali

How To Find the Best Accommodation Deals in Indonesia

All the popular hotel and hostel search sites (, Agoda, Hostelworld, etc.) have many accommodation options in Indonesia. We recommend you start your search with Hotels Combined.

Hotels Combined is a meta-aggregator. It compares the other main booking sites to find the best price, then lets you book with that site (like (, Agoda, etc.).

As it doesn't include Hostelworld, you need to check that site separately.

How Much Can You Save Using HotelsCombined?

We get down to specific prices in our Sample Indonesia Accommodation Budget below, where we give an estimate of the savings you can expect by using HotelsCombined.

By our estimate, a 2-week trip through Indonesia will cost you between $95 and $331, depending on your travel style (cheap vs. on a budget vs. flashpacker).

If we assume using HotelsCombined will save you about 15% on your accommodation, that's a savings of between $16 – $57. And that kind of savings can go a long way in Indonesia).

We think that's worth it for less than five minutes of effort!

Sample Accommodation Budget in Thailand

To give you an idea of how your style of travel and accommodation will impact the cost of your trip, we've priced out different Indonesia hostel and hotel options for a 16-day Indonesia itinerary:

  • 3 Nights in Bali
  • 2 Nights Surabaya
  • 2 Nights Yogyakarta
  • 3 Nights Jakarta
  • 1 Nights Medan
  • 3 Nights Lake Toba
  • 1 Night Jakarta (before outbound flight)

We priced this out based on three different travel styles:

  • “On the Cheap” (dorms beds as cheap as possible)
  • “Upscale Budget” (bunks in 'boutique-style hostels)
  • “Affordable Flashpacker” (private rooms in boutique and luxury hostels or 3-star level hotels)

Of course, prices are based on the time of writing and will vary depending on the season and how far in advance you book, etc.

Basic double room on Bali. Staying in cheap places is a way to keep the cost of travel in Indonesia low. (photo: Dave Lee)
Basic double room on Bali

On the Cheap

3 Nights in Bali – ($9 – $24) The cheapest place in Bali is undoubtedly Ubud, where a bunk can be had for about $3 (45,000 IDR) per night at a well-liked place like Hostel Rama Sita.

Kuta is known for its parties and wild nightlife and is closer to the airport. If this is more your style, stay at CX Hostel Kuta Raya for about $8 (115,000 IDR) per night or Camp Hostel Bali for $5 (71,000 IDR) a night.

2 Nights Surabaya – ($10 – $18) The Hostel Surabaya has bunks in mixed dorms for about $9 (130,000 IDR) per night.

On the uber-cheap, Da Rifi Hostel has bunks for about $8 (115,000 IDR) per night, but we could find a deal on Hotels Combined for about $5 (71,000 IDR), including breakfast.

2 Nights Yogyakarta – ($10) A bunk in a mixed dorm at Rumah Panjaitan goes for about $5 (71,000 IDR) per night, breakfast included, well located, and highly rated.

3 Nights Jakarta – ($21 – $24) We found deals in Jakarta for bunks starting at about $7 (100,000 IDR) a night at Teduh Hostel Kota Tua and $8 (114,000 IDR) a night at Wonderloft Hostel.

1 Night Medan – ($7) Probably just a night after flying from Jakarta on your way to the Lake Toba region, so head to Pondok Wisata Angel Guest House with bunks starting at about $7 (100,000 IDR) per night.

3 Nights Lake Toba – ($18) You can find a room at Laster Jony's for about $6 (85,000 IDR) a night for a budget double room with a private bathroom. It's located on Samosir Island on the lake, and past guests have raved about the location.

1 Night Jakarta – ($14) you can stay at the same place you did on the way through, or you can spend a bit more and stay closer to the airport, check out RedDoorz and get a room for about $14 (200,000 IDR).

Total ‘On the Cheap' budget for 15 nights in Indonesia: $94.50 – $114.50US

If you're looking to stretch your budget and keep the cost of travel in Indonesia down, then staying in backpacker-type places is the way to go.

Bungalow on Gili Trawangan (photo: Dave Lee)
Bungalow on Gili Trawangan

Upscale Budget

3 Nights in Bali – ($18 – $30) A night in a mixed dorm at a well-liked place like Bread and Jam goes for about $9 (126,000 IDR) per night, or head to Canggu Surf Hostel for about $10 (140,000 IDR) per night.

2 Nights Surabaya – ($16 – $19) Ikiru to Live Hotel is well rated and has 3-bed dorms for $10 (140,000 IDR) a night, or a more traditional hostel dorm can be had at Krowi Inn from about $8 (71,000 IDR) per bunk, per night.

2 Nights Yogyakarta – ($14) Find a quiet place like MashBrow, which is more of a budget hotel than a hostel.

It's away from the center but closer to the temples and has motorbikes for rent. Rooms for about $7 (100,000 IDR) a night.

If you want to be in the city center, try a place like Bunk Bed and Breakfast for about $7 per bunk per night.

3 Nights Jakarta – ($24) A bunk or a capsule can be had at the Packer Lodge or Six Degrees. Both are highly rated, for about $8 (115,000 IDR) per night.

Jakarta is massive, so play around with Hotels Combined because there are insane deals to be had depending on your dates.

1 Night Medan – ($8) A decent night can be had at K77 Guest House for about $8 (115,000 IDR) per night. Lot's of local spots nearby for food and drinks.

3 Nights Lake Toba – ($24 – $45) Nothing beats Laster Jony's for price and atmosphere, and they have multiple room options. A deluxe double can be had for $8 (115,000 IDR) a night.

If you are looking for serenity and nature, Toba Cats Garden may be your place, $10 (140,000 IDR) per night.

Check out Tuk Tuk Sarapan for $15 (210,000 IDR) per night if you want a little more atmosphere.

1 Night Jakarta – ($20) D'Prima Hotel Airport has rooms for about $20 (280,000 IDR), but we could find better on Hotels Combined.

Free airport shuttle, toiletries, a/c, bottled water, and a coffee and pastry in the morning to get you on your way.

Total ‘Upscale Budget' for 15 nights in Indonesia: $124 – $160

Hotel bed in Bali
Hotel bed in Bali

Affordable Flashpacker

3 Nights in Bali – ($51 – $57) If you're heading to Ubud, Indraprastha Ubud Home Stay has private rooms from $17 (241,000 IDR) per night.

Mote Surfstay in Canggu is a top choice if you're heading there, for $18 (255,000 IDR) per night, or if you're staying near Kuta, Bread & Jam has private rooms (it's still a top/bottom bunk) for $19 (269,000 IDR).

2 Nights Surabaya – ($36 – $40) As with the upscale budget options above, Krowi Inn and Ikiru to Live Hotel are the best options, depending on your dates, Hotels Combined has both with private rooms from $18 – $20 (255,000 to 280,000 IDR) per night, and it includes breakfast.

2 Nights Yogyakarta – ($18 – 24) The highly-rated OstiC House has privates from $18 (255,000 IDR) per night with breakfast included. For a bit extra ($24 or 340,000 IDR), Jogja Dreams Bed and Breakfast has very high reviews on multiple sites.

Family run, clean, peaceful, and comfortable and located in a quiet neighborhood, but still close to the center. And, of course, breakfast is included.

3 Nights Jakarta – ($51) Get a private room at Wonderloft Hostel for $17 (241,000 IDR) a night. There is a small supermarket on-site, shared kitchen and breakfast are included.

This hostel gets sparkling reviews. Past guests loved the vibe and felt safe in the clean and modern facility, plus the staff was excellent. There are lots of games, and loads of restaurants and shopping nearby.

1 Night Medan – ($19 – $25) Many travelers stay the night in Medan before heading out to Lake Toba in the morning.

If that's the case for you, Grand Sakura Hotel for about $25 (354,000 IDR) a night is very close to the train station, where the Rail Link train from the airport arrives.

As with the upscale budget options, K77 will suit your purpose as well, privates there from about $19 (269,000 IDR) per night.

3 Nights Lake Toba – ($60 – $105) Cottages a little away from the town can be had a Mas Cottages for about $20 (283,000 IDR) per night.

Closer to the town, Samosir Villa has a nice pool, and breakfast is included for about $35 (496,000 IDR) a night.

1 Night Jakarta – ($25 – $29) D'Prima is a good option here as well. Also, POP! Hotel Airport is a super cool-looking place. $29 (411,000 IDR) gets you a basic double room with breakfast (a bit less if you don't want or don't have time for breakfast).

This is where Hotels Combined can come in handy as we found great deals at higher-end hotels in and around the airport for about the same price, but it depends on your dates, of course.

Total ‘Affordable Flashpacker’ for 15 nights in Indonesia: $260 – $331

Fresh seafood on Gili Trawangan (photo: Dave Lee)
Fresh seafood on Gili Trawangan

Food & Drink

Street food in Indonesia is of great value. Simple single-plate meals or noodles cost anywhere from $0.50 – $1.75 (7,500 – 23,000 IDR). 

A giant plate of food with assorted side dishes (nasi campur) costs $1.75 – $2.50 (23,000 – 35,000 IDR).

Eating street-style fulfilling meals like entire grilled fish and fancier dishes can cost in the range of $3 – $4 (45,000 – 59,500 IDR) per person.

Indonesian sit-down restaurants are priced in the $2 – $6 (31,000 – 85,500 IDR) realm.

If you eat at more Western-style food chains or fancier restaurants, meals can cost $6 – $11 (85,500 – 156,000 IDR).

A large 1.5-liter bottle of water goes for $0.25 – $0.75 (5,000 – 10,000 IDR).

Kuta Beach dance club (photo: Dave Lee)
Kuta Beach dance club

Going Out / Drinking

Concerning the cost of living and eating in Indonesia, drinking and going out are relatively expensive.

Local beer such as Bintang, at cheap convenience stores, costs $1.50 – $2.50 (18,000 – 35,000 IDR).

At bars or clubs, drinks can go for $2.50 – $6 (35,000 – 85,000 IDR).

Some upper class or nightclubs that cater to tourists charge a cover.

Orangutan in Indonesian Borneo
Orangutan in Indonesian Borneo (photo: David Lee)

Cost of Indonesia Attractions


Java Highlights

  • Jakarta National Monument Entrance – $1 (15,000 IDR) (5,000 IDR to enter the grounds + 10,000 IDR to go up to the viewing platform)
  • Indonesia National Museum – $0.75 (10,000 IDR) (non-Indonesian price)
  • Borobudur Temple Entrance – $25 adult, discounts for children (354,000 IDR)
  • Prambanan Temple Entrance – $25, adult, discounts for children (354,000 IDR)
  • Mt. Bromo Park Entrance – $16 (207,500 IDR) weekdays, $23 (307,500 IDR) weekends 

Bali Highlights

  • Tanah Lot Temple – $5 (70,000 IDR)
  • Mt. Batur – $2 (30,000 IDR)
  • Elephant Temple – $1 (15,000 IDR)

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Drinking domestic Bingtang beer can help you keep the cost of travel in Indonesia down.
Bintang beer

Total Daily Costs

For my entire month of traveling in Indonesia, I spent a total of about $18 (255,000 IDR) per day.

This included a plane flight, a lot of transportation, food, and all the attractions I wanted to see, including the expensive orangutan trek.

I did save a bit of money by not drinking often and by Couchsurfing for free about one-third of the time. 

If you stay somewhere with air conditioning and party often, the cost of travel in Indonesia is around $25 – $30 per day.

If you go super tight on the budget, you can get by in Indonesia for even $15 per day.


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Thank you for the tips!

I generally avoid ATM because of the fees and the unfavourable rate at the exchange offices. But I also got fake notes at small exchange offices unfortunately… The ones at the airport are the most reliable but not with the best rate.

To change cash, there is a new mobile application Fairswap. Broadly, we can exchange & convert cash currency in real-time by meeting with each other at a pre-agreed location. Could be a good way to find some foreign currency before travelling or get rid of some leftover after holidays.


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It would depend how you define "Best" here. Java and Bali are very very different places and if you want to get to see a little bit from Java before you get to Bali then the obvious way is to go by Train (I don't recommend buses as it would take you a week to get to Bali then with pauses). Search all the cities that come between and see which once you want to make a stop at (every city offers something different, look for what interests you the most) and do it that way. The only drawback here is that it takes too long. If you want to be there within few hours then obviously flying. Hope that helps :)


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