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Best Hostels in Krabi: Where to Stay in 2019

Railay Bay (photo: Chamaiporn Kitina, Pixabay)

Railay Bay (photo: Chamaiporn Kitina)

Finding the best hostels in Krabi is becoming increasingly difficult because of the abundance of affordable options.

Krabi Town is the gateway to the Krabi province — known for its beautiful limestone karst formations, mangroves, and hundreds of beautiful islands.

In town, you will find a bustling center and an ever-growing backpacker scene. And on the islands, you will find the world-renowned scenery and crazy parties.

Accommodation is one thing you shouldn't worry about. With so many options, you are sure to find the hostel you desire.

This guide will outline the best hostels in Krabi province and where to stay in Krabi.

Quick Recommendations

Beach in Krabi, Thailand (photo: Eric Blandin, Pixabay)

Beach in Krabi, Thailand (photo: Eric Blandin)

What to Look For

Krabi has become a real transport hub in southern Thailand. There is no shortage of Thai restaurants, souvenir shops, and tour agencies which will make everything easier on you.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding where to stay in Krabi.

Best Neighborhoods

There are several areas most backpackers stay in Krabi.

Most lie along the mainland coast, but a few islands which fall in the Krabi province jurisdiction have also started to become popular accommodation spots rather than day trips. We will cover a few.

Ao Nang is undoubtedly the most popular area in Krabi. The famous walking street has all the amenities you could need and more. Accommodation options are aplenty in Ao Nang.

Public transportation is excellent, which is why Ao Nang has kind of become the place to stay in Krabi as it gives access to an array of attractions and tours.

The Phi Phi islands have become the destination for party-goers. Tucked in-between Krabi and Phuket, it’s no wonder the seven islands which make up Phi Phi are famous.

White sand beaches, turquoise waters, and plenty of nightlife make this a perfect place to stay for the younger crowd.

Railay Beach is an area in Krabi cut off from the mainland by tall limestone cliffs which gives it an exotic appeal that backpackers love.

The vibe is very much one of a ramshackle hippie feel as you move from place to place by foot (there are no vehicles here!).

Excellent day-time adventures are feature adrenaline-pumping activities, and after the sun goes down the party comes alive!

Ton Sai is the new, up-and-coming hotspot for backpackers. Located in-between Ao Nang and Railay Beach, Ton Sai is still relatively unknown and cheap with just enough accommodation options to satisfy.

Being that Ton Sai is hard to access, it is the perfect spot for backpackers because the majority of other tourists don’t go there. It is your classic backpacker spot and one you should not miss.

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Phi Phi island tour (photo: Michelle Maria, Pixabay)

Phi Phi island tour (photo: Michelle Maria)

Best Hostels in Krabi

Below, we have curated a list of our favorite hostels in and around Krabi. We have tried to accommodate every type of backpacker so you can find what you are looking for!

Best Hostel for a Quiet Night — Sleeper Hostel

From $5 for a dorm (14 beds)

Sleeper Hostel gives you precisely what the name suggests; a good night’s rest!

Situated slightly away from the hustle and bustle in Ao Nang, this 2-star hotel provides you the best opportunity for some quiet in Ao Nang.

With privacy curtains on each bed and no windows in the bunk rooms, you have every chance to sleep in and get an energizing night’s recovery.

Also, their large lockers will let you sleep at ease, knowing your valuables are safe.

Not to mention the staff at Sleeper Hostel keeps the place immaculately clean.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Best Hostel for Social Atmosphere — Blanco Hideout Railay

From $6 for a dorm (10 beds)

Featuring panoramic views of the white sand beach, turquoise sea, and surrounding mountains, you will feel like you are in paradise at Blanco Hideout Railay along the eastern Railay beach.

We designate this hostel as the best social scene in Krabi because of its pool, restaurant, two bars, and common areas for both socializing and catching a tan.

It is one of the only hostels in Railay, so it is easy to meet other backpackers.

Plus, most guests don’t even leave the hostel unless its to take a dip in the sea or roll around in the sand — the place is just too relaxing!

You would be hard-pressed to walk away from Krabi without a few extra friends after staying at Blanco Hideout.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Best Hostel for Partiers — Slumber Party Ao Nang Beach

From $8 for a dorm (8 beds ensuite)

Party-going backpackers will love Slumber Party hostels found all over Thailand.

In fact, Slumber Party Ao Nang Beach isn’t even the only Slumber Party hostel in Krabi. We must give a nod to the original Slumber Party Hostel in Krabi for being equally fun.

The hostel on Ao Nang Beach has the edge here sheerly for its jaw-dropping location.

Come to Slumber Party only if you are ready to party. The best part is you get free BBQ or vodka shots every night during your stay!

Check availability: Hostelworld

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Maya Bay, where The Beach was filmed (photo: pen_ash, Pixabay)

Maya Bay, where The Beach was filmed (photo: pen_ash)

Best Hostel for Amenities — Reset Hostel

From $11 for a dorm (6 beds)

Being the first and only hostel in beautiful Klong Muang Beach, Reset Hostel will undoubtedly give you the exclusivity you have been craving.

Guests who have stayed at Reset Hostel rave about the surplus of amenities.

With its outdoor terrace, common room, book exchange, board games, security lockers, cable TV, and comfortable beds, it isn’t hard to have a pleasant stay at Reset Hostel.

And the free breakfast in the morning doesn’t hurt either! It even has a very exotic homemade touch to it to make you feel the tropical Thai vibe.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Best Hostel for City Entertainment — Nomad Hostel Krabi

From $8 for a dorm (12 beds)

Backpackers will like Nomad Hostel Krabi for its location to see a less-toured part of the city.

From the hostel, it's a short walk to the Maharaj Food Market (southern Thailand’s largest) and a bit further to the Krabi Night Market, Krabi riverside, Khao Kanab Nam.

These are places which may get overlooked on a standard Krabi itinerary.

However, Nomad Hostel Krabi is conveniently located near the bus, which will take you to Krabi Pier.

Once there, you can see the most amazing sights in the province, such as the Phi Phi islands.

The tour desk in the hostel will be able to help you book any eco-friendly tour/activity not involving animal cruelty. They can also help you rent bicycles or scooters for your stay.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Sunset in Krabi, Thailand (photo: nextvoyage, Pixabay)

Sunset in Krabi, Thailand (photo: nextvoyage)

Best Cheap Hostel — Kbunk Hostel

From $4 for a dorm (12 beds)

For just under $4 per night, you can stay at one of Krabi’s most impressive hostels, Kbunk Hostel.

We hate to keep raving, but Kbunk is the laid-back sister hostel of Slumber Party hostels. Go party there, and the next night you can recover at this relaxing family atmosphere.

Enjoy the calm environment of the bar and common room, the TV room featuring a PS4 for late-night gaming and Netflix, and even the outdoor terrace.

You can’t beat the mountain views and relaxing but not anti-social vibes of Kbunk Hostel; especially for the affordable price!

Check availability: Hostelworld


Krabi is a destination many backpackers have traversed, but not many have fully seen.

It is a party destination, and most backpackers are satisfied with their experience after a few nights of beach parties.

However, Krabi has much more to offer than parties, and one look at its unique landscapes will make that apparent.

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