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Best Hostels in Thailand: Where to Stay in 2019

The Grand Palace is one of many things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

Grand Palace in Bangkok (photo: David Lee)

Take a trip to Thailand and witness the beauty and madness of the country as we provide you a guide to the best hostels in Thailand.

Thailand is a country which has long been a popular destination on the Southeast Asia backpacking trail.

Whether it is for its culture and thousands of Buddhist temples and statues, its world-renown spicy cuisine, or its luxurious, beautiful, and plentiful Thai islands, this country is well-worth a visit. 

The energy and friendliness of the Thai people and the crazyness of the Full Moon parties will make you fall in love with the country and it is bound to make you want to come back for more.

We have broken down your favorite destinations in Thailand to bring you the best hostels in top cities around the country.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Best Hostels in Bangkok

Slumber Party Bangkok

From $8 for a dorm (8 beds)

Slumber Party Bangkok represents everything you want from a hostel experience.

Check in for two nights and find yourself end up staying for nearly two weeks at Slumber Party. You will surely not take leaving easy, and it has nothing to do with Bangkok itself.

Be it the tours or staff likely to become your friend, you can count on a healthy dose of entertainment at Slumber Party Bangkok.

It is a new hostel (opened at the end of 2018), and it is easy to see by how clean the beds, bathroom, and amenities are kept.

The hostel features two levels of lounge space, plus an outdoor terrace. Each bed has a locker built into the capsule-like frames. Your belongings will never be more secure in a hostel than they are in Slumber Party Bangkok.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Playground Hostel

From $8 for a dorm (8 beds)

Playground Hostel may be best for backpackers who have already visited Bangkok.

This is because it is located in a spot which isn’t as typical for backpackers to stay in — a bit out of the way of major tourist attractions.

You will appreciate exploring a new area of the city (especially if you have traveled here before) and probably end up staying longer because you enjoyed the environment.

The hostel features an impressive open-air lounge with a pool table and plenty of couches to let loose.

It also has three stories of bunk rooms — none of which are on the bottom level which means it is never too loud to sleep.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Buddhist monks discuss the best hostels in Chiang Mai, Thailand (photo: Faris Ben Saad, Pixabay)

Buddhist monks looking out over Chiang Mai (photo: Faris Ben Saad)

Best Hostels in Chiang Mai

Family Home Chiang Mai

From $8 for a dorm (8 beds)

Family Home Chiang Mai has cultivated exactly what they advertise — a ‘family-like’ atmosphere which all travelers can appreciate.

It’s not as wild as your typical party hostel but still serves its fair share of nightly entertainment. There always seems to be something going on.

They can organize almost any tour, transport, laundry, or anything else you may need. And when you wear yourself thin on energy, you can hop into the hot tub for the ultimate tune-up!

There are also board games, a cafe/bar, and nightly happy hour deals to keep everyone buzzing about.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Hug Hostel Rooftop

From $4 for a dorm (12 beds)

Hug Hostel Rooftop is not only one of the cheapest in Chiang Mai, but it is also one of our favorites. Note: they recently moved locations and changed the name from ‘Hug Hostel’.

Its location is nearly perfect. It's situated in the heart of the old city at Chang Phuak Gate, next to some incredible food stalls, as well as the Saturday and Sunday markets.

The facility offers a lively rooftop bar with incomparable views of Doi Suthep Mountain.

The beer is cheap, and the rooftop parties happen every night. It is a perfect way to meet fellow backpackers on your Thailand adventure.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Pai, Thailand

Pai, Thailand (photo:

Best Hostels in Pai

The Famous Pai Circus Hostel

From $9 for a dorm (12 beds) OR $10 for a private room

You will have never stayed at a place quite like the Famous Pai Circus Hostel and probably never will again.

It has been the most-booked hostel in Pai since 2013 and for a good reason. The party hardly ever stops, and people are always coming and going.

With its infinity pool, mountain views, and free taxi service to Walking Street, it is no wonder people love this place.

The hostel will regularly host free dinners, pool parties, open mic nights, or even spectacular fire shows. There is rarely a night where you won’t be enticed by free entertainment.

The Famous Pai Circus Hostel is just as advertised; a crazy circus which can’t be tamed. You have to see this place!

Check availability: Hostelworld

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Green Hostel and Skate Park

From $7 for a dorm (4 beds)

Green Hostel and Skate Park is the most stacked hostel in Pai as far as amenities go.

It is especially nice for musicians and skaters. With spare guitars to use and a full-on outdoor skatepark in the courtyard, it’s no wonder this place is one of the most special hostels in Thailand.

Social butterflies will frequent the hostel bar in the middle of all the action. You will be sold on the place long before they ever mentioned anything about their free breakfast, which is also phenomenal.

The staff is more than helpful in assisting with tour bookings and suggesting itineraries.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Railay Bay (photo: Chamaiporn Kitina, Pixabay)

Railay Bay (photo: Chamaiporn Kitina)

Best Hostels in Krabi

Blanco Hideout Railay

From $6 for a dorm (10 beds)

You won’t believe your eyes as soon as you step into Blanco Hideout Railay. Hostels are rarely as picturesque as this one.

Panoramic views of white sand beaches, turquoise-colored sea, and mountains as far as the eye can see; pinch yourself — you must be dreaming!

Though there are places in Krabi we’ve not been, this must be a contender for the best social scene because of its pool, restaurant, two bars, and common areas for both socializing and catching a tan.

It is one of the only hostels in Railay, so it is easy to meet other backpackers.

Most guests lounge around the hostel all day, soaking in the sunshine and getting a tan or having poolside conversations over beers. Blanco Hideout is the perfect place to stay and meet friends.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Nomad Hostel Krabi

From $8 for a dorm (12 beds)

Backpackers will like Nomad Hostel Krabi because it is off the beaten path. It is outside of the more heavily toured areas of Krabi.

For instance, you can take a short walk and reach the Maharaj Food Market (southern Thailand’s largest). Go a little bit further, and you will reach the Krabi Night Market, Krabi riverside, and Khao Kanab Nam.

Don’t worry, though. You can still see some of Krabi’s most beautiful and visited attractions because it is easy to get to Krabi Pier by bus. From there you can visit the Phi Phi islands and more.

The tour desk in the hostel will be able to help you book any eco-friendly tour/activity not involving animal cruelty. They can also help you rent bicycles or scooters for your stay.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Koh Samui (photo: Terry Bouris, Pixabay)

Koh Samui (photo: Terry Bouris)

Best Hostels in Koh Samui

Us Hostel

From $8 for a dorm (4 beds)

Built solely by two backpacker siblings, Us Hostel is a haven built specifically with the backpacking community in mind.

The open-air plan is as relaxing as it gets with a big common space to work for digital nomads or travelers who need to research for the rest of their trip.

The pool is usually a happening place, and events take place regularly such as pool parties, game and movie nights, and more.

There is air conditioning, washer and dryer units, cable TV, a bar and restaurant, and more!

Us Hostel also provides a shuttle service and bicycle and scooter rental to go along with their tour booking assistance.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Best Hostels in Phuket

Lub D Phuket Patong

From $12 for a dorm (4 beds)

In 2017, Lub D Phuket Patong was voted “Best New Hostel” in the entire world! That says all it needs to. And it is certainly warranted.

Lub D Phuket Patong is a two-minute walk from the beach. But if you prefer, you can hang out at the see-through glass swimming pool with other travelers from around the world.

The hostel is located in Patong (the entertainment district) in Phuket where some of the best Thai nightclubs are only a few minutes away.

If you’re not in the party mood, you can get some work done at the hostel’s very own co-working space included in your stay.

Choose your in-house entertainment ranging from the games area, pool table, foosball, air hockey, to the only known property to have a full Muay Thai Boxing Ring and training area right in the middle of the lobby.

It is a gem of a hostel kept impeccably clean and active. There is a dedicated activities team whose sole job is to make sure something is going on in the hostel at all times for your entertainment.

And to top it all off, there is a renowned pool party every evening on the deck. You can’t beat Lub D Phuket.

Check availability: Hostelworld


Thailand is a country brought to light by backpackers and, as such, the best hostels in Thailand are quite special.

It is a country which deserves to be visited, and you can do so knowing some of the best accommodation in Southeast Asia awaits.

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