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5 Reasons To Try Backpacking on Your Next Adventure

Backpacking is an exciting and enjoyable way to travel. A backpacker is a traveler who's less inclined to book a predictable all-inclusive beach resort and, instead, desires new adventures in unfamiliar places.

They often want to travel to distant cities, on the other side of the world, where they don't speak the language. They're always looking for new cultural expereinces, and the opportunity to meet locals.

If you're looking for something outside the usual vacation, consider backpacking on your next trip. Below we share five compelling reasons you should consider backpacking. 

Try backpacking for your next vacation (photo: Jorge Flores)
Backpackers (photo: Jorge Flores)

1. Backpacking is Cost-Effective 

Travel isn't cheap, so some travelers acquire a loan to finance a vacation. Some may only take out a small amount of cash from their loans due to specific circumstances like their credit score or debt-to-income ratio (DTI). Despite having the money for travel, it still pays to be cost-effective.

So backpacking might be the answer if you're looking for a way to travel cheaply; it's the best option if you have a limited budget. 

You can more easily stick to a budget while enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you stay close to home, it doesn't have to involve airfare, and if you're willing to camp, you also save on accommodation.

A local outfitter might be willing to lend you hiking equipment, and driving to your desired trailhead may cost you no more than a couple of tanks of gas. Backpacking permits are also often reasonably priced.

2. Provides a Sense of Freedom

A backpack gives you the flexibility to experience all the world has to offer; you can move around unrestrictedly, impulsively, and freely.

We advise trying backpacking if you're looking for excitement, spontaneity, and total independence on your upcoming vacation. Backpackers, in contrast to most scheduled travelers, are the captain of their ships.

Sure, you'll probably still need to prepare your chosen itinerary within a specific period (unless you're taking a gap year or career break. Still, aside from that, you're free to travel however you like.

Instead of letting someone else map your route, setting your course is much more liberating.

Everyone is free to create their plan, manage their own time, and make missteps because there are no constraints. Due to this, backpacking is popular among younger travelers who like the idea of having no rules or limits.

Waiting for sunset in Romania (photo: Vlad Bagacian)
Waiting for sunset in Romania (photo: Vlad Bagacian)

3. Builds Confidence

Backpacking isn't only about fun and excitement; it's also a great way to build character and confidence.

A scientific survey was conducted where 91% of the surveyed backpackers had to strengthen their problem-solving skills by backpacking. Experiencing the worst out of your travels can help in personal development. 

Around 89% of the surveyed backpackers linked backpacking to improving their communication skills. Meanwhile, 88% of them have boosted their capability to overcome difficulties.

These newly enhanced skills have made these backpackers feel more confident in life, and they built a positive outlook, making them feel more capable no matter the challenges. 

Backpacking regularly and being exposed to different types of people will also make you more confident in communicating with individuals from various cultures.

So, if you want to travel and enjoy the world while developing vital life skills, start backpacking as soon as possible.

4. Helps You Become More Open Minded

Sadly, prejudices towards different cultures, beliefs, and other things exist. But you can help to be a force for positive change by going backpacking. 

Most of your time will be devoted to the outdoors, interacting with locals, and discovering their customs. As you interact with more and more people from different cultures, you'll see the value in our differences.

Certain people are drawn to backpacking simply for the experience of going on a trek, meeting people from various cultures, and learning about their way of life. 

You'll become more familiar with different customs and cultures if you try backpacking. As a result, you'll become more open-minded to our differences. 

Backpacker with baby - Montenegro (photo: Lubomirkin)
Backpacker with baby – Montenegro (photo: Lubomirkin)

5. Travel and Transportation Accessibility

Most people get into backpacking to make travel easier, among other factors. Consider all the times you've missed a flight, shuttle, or train.

Also, imagine how challenging it is to run while pulling a four-wheeled suitcase across cobblestoned streets. Or to disembark a longboat on the beach in Southeast Asia.

We've seen it all, and for most people, it's a somewhat stressful experience, made worse when a person in a backpack rushes past you as you struggle to pick up your dropped suitcase.

Running for trains, buses, and airplanes is easier and more effective when traveling with a bag. Traveling through cities and nations becomes smoother if your baggage is nothing more than a part of your body.

Navigating crowded streets isn't as tricky, climbing stairs isn't as taxing, dodging potholes and speed bumps isn't as stressful, and hauling the bags up the steep step onto the city bus isn't as exhausting.

Start Traveling While Discovering

Backpacking isn't only about traveling for the sake of fun and adventure. It's also to explore to understand yourself and the world better. So, it would be best to start backpacking and traveling as you discover the world.


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