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The Highlights of Ancol Bay in Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia (photo: Wikipedia)

Indonesia is considered a hotspot for travelers for many reasons. The country comprises over 17,000 islands, with the sort of natural beauty that will make you go weak at the knees.

Indonesia’s tourism industry has continued to thrive because it caters to so many different types of travelers.

You can relax by any one of the country’s many beaches or find inner peace and increased flexibility at a yoga retreat.

Alternatively, you could invest in a Bintang singlet and party hard with other revelers.

There are endless sites for divers to explore, and the animal crazy among us can even go trekking with orangutans on the island of Sumatra.

As with many other countries around South East Asia, it is still generally cheap to travel through.

If you’re heading to the capital of Jakarta at some point in your travels, you can always plan a visit to the bay, which is located on the waterfront in the far north of the city.

Here you’ll find Ancol Dreamland, an amusement park, which is open to the public 24 hours a day.

The self-contained park has nightclubs, shops, and various attractions, such as an oceanarium and a range of different parks.

You can don your bathing suit to ride the artificial waves at the water park, known as Atlantis Water Adventure.

As the name suggests, the park is themed on the mythical underwater island of Atlantis.

There are several water slides and a continuously flowing river pool, among other watery attractions.

Dunia Fantasi, or Fantasy World as it’s also known, is Indonesia’s answer to Disneyland.

Ride a range of attractions from bumper cars to a corkscrew roller coaster or Hysteria, a ride that will dangle you over the park before plummeting back to the earth.

Ancol boasts its own SeaWorld. The name is a mere coincidence, as this park is wholly unaffiliated with those based in the U.S.

The giant oceanarium has more than 4,000 sea creatures, which can be seen while wandering through the 80-meter long Antasena tunnel.

There are live shows throughout the day (such as the feeding of the sharks) and screenings of educational films at the local theater.

Once a golf course, the Ocean Ecopark is now a 34-hectare open space, perfect for those hoping to expand upon their botanical knowledge.

The park is divided into several zones, such as Eco Care, Eco Nature, Eco Art, and Eco Energy.

You can learn about gardening, how renewable energy is implemented in Indonesia, or check out the local eco-market.

The Ecopark offers many outdoor adventures, such as canoeing, zip-lining, paintball, or bike riding around the park.

Pasar Seni Jakarta
Pasar Seni Jakarta (photo: Kampus STDI)

Are you interested in local artistry? You can head to Pasar Seni, Ancol’s local art market.

Here you can watch the Indonesian artists working on their creations, ranging from paintings, puppets, traditional Indonesian jewelry, and portraits.

Souvenir prices are often not set, allowing you to sharpen your haggling skills.

The area is home to traditional and modern art displays, and regular live performances are held there, consisting of classic plays, folk dances, and contemporary dramas.

Depending on your preferences, it can take a few days to experience everything Ancol has to offer. So, many traveling to this region of Jakarta choose to stay on-site within the Bay City area. 

So, many traveling to this region of Jakarta choose to stay on-site within the Bay City area.

The best hotel in Ancol offers amenities such as Wi-Fi and a self-contained swimming pool while being within walking distance of many of the local attractions.

This region of Jakarta is also close to many other highlights, such as the city’s History Museum, local beaches, and Mangga du Square, a shopping district.

No matter your preference, Ancol is the ideal area to head to if you’re visiting Indonesia’s capital and looking for a place to rest your hat.


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