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5 Best Festivals in United Arab Emirates

Mosque in Abu Dhabi (photo: Nikul Patel, Pixabay)

Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Exotic, adventurous, unexpected. These are just some of the ways you could describe a vacation to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This is one vacation destination that almost everybody has on their bucket list.

The amazing contrast of hot desert dunes, lush vegetation wadis, warm paradisiac waters, futuristic buildings, cutting edge technology, and abundance, guarantees you will have an unforgettable and unique trip.

However, every day, available year-round attractions of UAE cities and nature aren't the only experiences to consider when you plan a trip there.

The Emirates are known to host some fabulous festivals worth your attention as well. They celebrate various cultural, religious, shopping, and sports events.

So, you may want to plan your stay so that you can take part in some of these festivals.

We have selected five of the most thrilling festivals that you can participate in on a trip to the United Arab Emirates.

Also, it's best in these busy times to advance book your hotels in one of the many trending options with the best facilities in the Emirates.

1. Eid

Amazing parties and feasts take place in all cities to celebrate the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

This is one of the most important religious festivals in the Emirates, although Eid is celebrated everywhere in the world by the Muslims. However, the grandeur in the United Arab Emirates is unparalleled.

You can experience the most from Eid in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where many festivities and events are organized for this occasion.

2. Dubai International Jazz Festival

The city of Dubai hosts this dazzling jazz event. The greatest musicians and jazz stars attend it, as well as top performers in pop music.

Thousands of music lovers attend the electrifying live performances.

Initially, the festival began as a two-day event. Today, it spans for a week and features numerous stages.

Dubai Mall (photo: Ali Hassan, Pixabay)

Dubai Mall

3. Dubai Shopping Festival

There would be no Dubai without a connection to shopping activities.

So such a festival makes sense here more than anywhere else.

Every shopping outlet in the city of Dubai offers enormous discounts on all products. The city is flooded with shoppers from all over the world.

But, this isn't just a shopping frenzy. The festival includes concerts, fireworks, and all forms of entertainment.

4. Dubai Marathon

The Dubai Marathon is another world-famous event that gathers sports lovers from all over the world.

It's an exciting festival with three different races to participate in 3 km, 10 km, and 50 km.

The entry fee is quite low, so the participants come in large numbers. The great thing about this marathon is that it is also a  charitable event. 

Dubai Marina (photo: katylpeek, Pixabay)

Dubai Marina

5. Dubai Summer Surprise

This event takes place in Dubai annually during the summer months of June, July, and August.

The idea is to combine the shopping experience with entertainment because shopping is one of the major attractions for taking a vacation to the UAE.

The festival mascot is a worm called “Modhesh.” It appears everywhere, in shopping malls, hotels, and theme parks.

Beyond the gifts and attractive discounts, you'll also enjoy a complete sensory experience thanks to the entertainment that's made available.


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