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The City of King David at Kotel cam

Western Wall
Western Wall

When you hear something about Jerusalem, what appears in your mind?

You might think that Jerusalem is a city that is famous for its sacredness to the three largest Abrahamic religions, right?

The most significant and the most popular place in Jerusalem is the Wall of Tears. But if you want to visit it right now, is it even possible? With Kotel cam, it is possible!


The Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem is primarily associated with the events described in the Bible.

According to the research, scientists were able to determine the age of the olive-growing here. It turned out to be over 900 years old.

They seem to grow from the roots of the very ones that witnessed the events of the Gospel.

Trees bear fruit abundantly, gardeners harvest, and some pilgrims try to secretly take a leaf or a small twig from the holy place.

At the Lion Gate of the Old City, there is the Greek Orthodox Monastery of St. Anne. Dedicated to the Mother of God.

It is believed that this was the place where the house was where the “Honest Cherubim and the Most Glorious without Comparison Seraphim stood.” 

If you go down, you can find yourself in the old room. This is the most sacred place in the monastery here. The great event of the Nativity of the Mother of God took place.

The next cave, according to legend, is the place of the original burial of Joachim and Anna.

Online Tourists

Live webcams of the world is a free service. Anyone can connect an electronic gadget to the internet and travel around the planet by switching cameras. 

Thanks to this, in one minute, you can move from The Western Wall in Jerusalem at Kotel cam to Miami Beach, visit Yellowstone National Park, and find yourself in a cage with penguins in an American zoo. 

Web cameras will come to the rescue not only for those who dream of visiting a country or city but also for those planning to fly out or leave there soon.

With the help of cameras, you can see the current weather conditions and evaluate the quality of service at a paid beach or hotel. 

In general, online cameras provide convenience and stir up interest.

Together with them, you can be in the center of important events for the country or the world, and see everything with your own eyes, without waiting for an emergency news release.

It is customary for tourists to put notes with various requests between the stones of the Western Wall.

Pilgrims from all over the world come to Jerusalem to see the shrine and leave their message to the Almighty.

Throughout the pandemic, the whole world went online. You can “visit” the Western Wall at

It became a place of prayer after the destruction of the Temple. When the Jews began to mourn the destroyed shrine and pray to God for the revival of Israel, hence its name – the Wailing Wall.


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