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The 12 Craziest Laws in the United States

It's illegal to take a selfie with a bear in Alaska (photo: Wiki Commons)
It's illegal to take a selfie with a bear in Alaska (photo: Wiki Commons)

Going from one state to another can be fun and exciting, but there are a few things that you might want to consider to avoid getting yourself in trouble.

In this article, JustFly gives you a sense of the craziest laws in the United States, laws you'll want to remember when you set out on your next adventure.


No one is allowed to wear a fake mustache inside a church for fear that it would amuse people.

Why? Well, we all know that a church is a place of worship and prayer, and it should be respected at all times, so it should be expected that causing distraction would be prohibited.

I'm not sure why anyone would want to wear a fake mustache in a church, but there you go.

In Alabama, it is illegal to bike, roller-skate, skateboard, or inline skate in a commercial area and for a driver to operate a vehicle while wearing a blindfold.

I know that whoever made these rules was thinking first and foremost about public safety.

But really, who is going to be silly enough to wear a blindfold while driving? No one, I hope.

Also, in Alabama, it is against the law to wrestle with a bear.

The reason behind this was, many years ago, bear wrestling was a crude form of entertainment to spectators and punishment for criminals.


If wrestling with a bear seemed impossible, maybe taking a selfie with one is not a bad idea at all. After all, bears look so cute and cuddly, making them excellent photo material.

Have you ever dared to wake a bear that's fast asleep to get a selfie?

If you're in Alaska and thinking about doing that, you better stop that thought process right now. In Alaska, it is against the law to wake a sleeping bear to take a photo.


Doing a little research before going to a particular destination is always helpful, especially when you are going to sensitive places when it comes to history and culture.

It is against the law to mispronounce ‘Arkansas.' Accordingly, the name and pronunciation of ‘Arkansas' (pronounced as ar-kan-saw) reflect the state's heritage.

Technically, it is still illegal to mispronounce it, but there are no consequences for doing so, except for maybe some confused sideways looks.

You'd be surprised at what is still illegal in Hawaii (photo: Wiki)


You might want to be a little careful about where you place your change, especially if you happen to be one of those rare individuals who enjoys putting coins in your ears, as it is illegal in Hawaii to do so.


It's good to be aware in advance of the dress code in particular locations. What places come to mind? Qatar, UAE, and… Maryland?!

As it turns out, wearing sleeveless shirts in public parks in Maryland is considered a violation of park rules.

So you can say goodbye to the idea of showing off those well-toned biceps and triceps or upper arm tats.


Love using ‘colorful' language? You better bite your tongue when you go to Mississippi, or you'll end up being fined up to $100 for using profane language in public places.

You could be put in jail if caught swearing in front of two or more people. This law is thought to have been conceived to protect the public.

Keep those camels off the road (photo: AnnicaB, Pixabay)
Keep those camels off the road (photo: AnnicaB)


In this state, “driving” a camel on the highway is against the law, maybe because this violates the minimum speed limit. What do you think?

Some say that this law was made because of camel races that some folks held in the past, which caused unnecessary traffic on the busy highways.


Have you ever tried having your fortune told to see if you'll get lucky this year?

Fortunately, the fortune teller might be able to tell you where and when you'll find your pot of gold, but unfortunately for them, it is illegal to be told where to dig for buried treasure.

It's important to keep hydrated in states like Utah (photo: Wiki)
It's essential to keep hydrated in states like Utah (photo: Wiki)


Love drinking milk? Fantastic – you must have excellent teeth and bones.

If you go to Utah and you're one of those people who find the taste of this white liquid to be disgusting, you've run out of luck. It is illegal NOT to drink milk in Utah.

I guess they're concerned about the state of calcium levels within residents of the state.


Rabbits are one of the cutest animals to see, especially in zoos and forests.

But no matter how fluffy and cuddly looking they are, you're not allowed to take photos of these adorable creatures from January to April without an official permit if you're in Wyoming. Maybe try again in May?

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