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Day 5 – Beautiful Day

Clouds fill the valley as the night's storm clears



 It's a beautiful day…The sky falls…And you feel like it's a beautiful day…Don't let it get away.  — U2

Sunday, April 6, 2008

8:18 am – Chomrong – Elev. 2,155 meters

I awoke around 1am last night, slightly chilly. I added my thin fleece and donned the warm wool mittens I had bought in Jhinu danda. I used the toilet, and unable to return to a slumber, began to hear a storm approach. Thunder roared through the valley, and with the electricity out, flashes of lightning were all that illuminated the landscape. Looking off the balcony – it was the darkest black I'd ever seen.


Porters carry their loads up through the clouds

Stepping out of my room to try and record the sound meant ducking as a large bat spent the night flapping around up there. I tried to record the thunder on my camera. After the video session, I returned to bed, fell asleep and only awoke briefly at 5am. At 7:30am, I rose to continued rains – the first time we haven't had a crystal-clear blue sky to greet us.

Warm apple porridge with milk

It was nice to sleep in although Nima said it'll probably rain all day and the hot springs are too far a walk (3 hours return). That's OK, it feels warm and comfortable at the Himalayan View Guest House. I look up the valley from time to time and wonder how Gela is getting along – must be snowy at base camp.

After eating apple porridge and drinking a rich, tasty cup of milky hot chocolate, I feel good, stronger, more in the moment. I am looking forward to the second half of the trek at a slower pace.

Red rhodedendron in foreground, Sinuwa in the distance

8:05 pm

Potato curry and onion soup for dinner – a Twix for dessert. The storm clouds fully cleared out at sunset, exposing Annapurna South, Hiun Chuli, and at the very end of the light, Machhapuchhre. I knew this also meant a good night for stargazing. I clearly saw the Big Dipper over the valley to the northeast. Nima pointed out a shooting star to me. Amazing! Mohan and Gela are due back tomorrow afternoon. :)

Estimated Distance = 0km

Annapurna South with Hiun Chuli masked by clouds to the right


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