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5 Must-Have Items for Female Travelers to Pack

Backpacking in Thailand
Backpacking in Thailand (photo: David Lee)

Looking your best during a trip can be especially tricky, and at the same time, important.

Traveling involves lots of unexpected situations and decisions made in a hurry.

And while some may find packing enjoyable, others hate it. It takes a lot of time, a lot of guessing, and in the end, you may find you've still brought all the wrong things.

To make your travels, and especially your packing, easier, here are five tips to help you stay stunning while on the road.

I've made the following list based on my experience, as I have traveled a lot. These are the things I always take with me on any trip.

1. A special travel bag with makeup

It shouldn't be so big as to take up a lot of room in your backpack, but it doesn't have to be too small either.

It should contain all the necessities for you to look your best.

Have it ready at all times, so you can just throw it into your backpack and be set without having to worry about gathering all the right makeup for every trip.

Such an approach can save you a lot of time.

Stick to the bare minimum.

For example, don't take ten different shades of lipstick or five nail varnishes, even though the idea of experimenting with your nail color during your trip may seem attractive.

Select the best things that will go well with any outfit and will suit any situation.

Carefully consider its contents. It should contain a small mirror, maybe some cotton pads, cream, etc.

This bag leaves a lot of space for your creativity and your self-expression.

Over time and with practice, you'll be able to figure out what you need.

2. A travel hair dryer

What? A travel hair dryer? Yes, sure, it is not the first thing that comes to mind when you start packing.

But consider this: while more expensive hotels usually offer a hairdryer, cheaper hostels don't.

And there are many more situations when your hair might need washing, and a hair dryer just isn't available. And once you've washed your hair, you will need to style it.

Depending on your schedule, you might have very little time for this.

Imagine: you've washed your hair, now it's drying up, and you have to leave in five minutes for a full-day tour. This is when a hair dryer comes in handy.

The best travel hair dryer weighs very little, and is compact, with a folding handle, so it's easy to fit into your overstuffed backpack.

At the same time, it features most options you'd find on a regular hair dryer.

For example, you can switch between different heat settings. It's as powerful as your regular hair dryer. And the prices are quite moderate.

3. An accessory of some kind

It may be a brooch or a scarf or maybe something else – based on your taste and imagination.

But such a thing can make all the difference for the way you look if something unforeseen should happen.

For example, you can cover with it an unwelcome stain on your outfit at a moment when you need to look stunning, or you can just use it to complete your ensemble.

A more creative thing to do, for instance, is to use the scarf to hold up the handle of your bag or purse, should it come off.

Some such solutions will not only help you remain beautiful at all times. It will give you points for creativity.

4. Shoe polish

It takes up practically no room in your backpack, and it's handy. It's so easy to neglect our shoes when we travel.

And the importance of well-polished shoes hardly needs to be emphasized.

You can't always predict what situation you might find yourself in during a trip, and buying a shoe polish at the time you most need it may not always be possible, so make sure you have one with you at all times.

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5. Sunscreen

The research has now proved without a doubt that sun rays are harmful to our skin. No exposure to the sun is recommended.

So sunscreen is what you need, not just for looking pretty, but for staying healthy too.

Of course, having your shoulders all reddened or your nose red and peeling is not pretty.

But severe enough sunburn can cause high fever, and that won't make you into a beauty.

Most probably, you will stop worrying about your looks entirely.

Such an event may easily ruin more than just your appearance, but the whole trip. Finally, here is an important part.

You may think that you don't need sunscreen unless you're traveling closer to the equator in the middle of the summer, but you still do.

Sun reflected from bodies of cold water or snow can also cause severe damage to your skin.

The sun can be harmful in cold weather too. Even on a cloudy day, you can get some harmful radiation.

So whenever you are outdoors for significant periods, it's advisable to wear sunscreen.

As you can see, all these tips are easy to follow. Enjoy your travels, and always look your best!


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Monday 28th of May 2018

unfortunately number 4 gets forgotten almost all the time....good tips

jemidiochel @ Baguio City Guide

Saturday 28th of April 2018

I agree!! I can't go on a trip without bringing sunscreen with me (aside from bringing hats, sunglasses and an umbrella..haha) Aside from the effort it takes to get your color back, yes you're right - rays are really harmful to our skin.. and I wouldn't risk my health while enjoying the life of a traveller.

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