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Lounging in Cahuita, Costa Rica

Hammocks by Caribbean in Costa Rica

I wrote the following journal entry on Sunday, May 15, 2005:

4:50 pm

Kendall, Canadian girl I met at the hostel in San Jose. I was in the common room, reading and watching TV.

She was seated opposite me; I couldn't help but notice her nice, tan legs as she sat with one leg over the chair arm.

She asked me what I was up to a bit later and I had responded “reading.”

She wanted some company on the five-block walk to the supermarket.

I picked up some empanadas; she got veggies and noodles for a stir-fry. I watched her cook it up at the hostel.

A Dutch guy, Frederick, was staying in my hostel room so we talked a bit. I also met a Dutch guy on the rafting trip, Klaus.

I'm looking forward to some Caribbean food. Dinner y cerveza.

The mosquitoes are starting to get me here. I'm in no rush. It's nice. Not a care in the world.

In, out
Deep, slow
Calm, ease
Smile, release
Present moment, wonderful moment
May I be filled with loving kindness;
May I be well.
May I be peaceful and at ease;
May I be happy.

The sound of the waves crashing is very rhythmic.

Almost like a metronome, never-ending, dynamic, yet consistent, you can count on hearing a wave crash every few seconds.

Without fail, nature is beauty. Beauty is impermanent, as are all things, thoughts, and feelings in life.

I'm experiencing great personal and spiritual growth on this trip.

It's energizing, liberating, and truly amazing. Freedom, independence, adventure, excitement, storytelling, pleasurable.

So much to write. Words flow like raindrops down a palm leaf. Hammocks blow in the wind, waiting for their next inhabitant.

It'd have to hurt if a coconut fell on your head. The clouds are wonderful. Nice breeze. Air feels/tastes salty.

Met Mark (USA/Costa Rica) and Evan (Canada) in Cahuita. Both friendly. Bananas, mangoes, pineapple, watermelon.

It'll be nice to wake up to the crashing waves. One love, one life, let's get together and it'll be alright.

I've seen more travelers with CD players than MP3 players. $14 a night, what a deal.


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Saturday 10th of March 2007

Hmmmmmm....beautiful, just beautiful. If I close my eyes, I am there! I love the way your write and your use of adjectives, it is magical!

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