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Medical Repatriation Services and More With a Membership PlN

Whether traveling abroad for fun or business, it is impossible to foresee an accident or sudden illness.

The fact is, while there are traveler’s health policies available for nearly every destination on Earth, most policies do not cover medical repatriation. Medical repatriation is a term that means getting you home for treatment and recuperation.

If you have a traveler’s health policy, most policies only pay for transportation to the nearest medical facility, close to your accident or illness. Getting home – that is your problem and an expensive one too.

Do you know that the cost of medical repatriation services, according to the State Department of the United States, is often more than $50,000?

United States embassies and consulates offer help in medical emergencies. They help in locating the right medical services, informing friends and family members, and aid you in transferring money from home. But the help from the State Department has limits.

You are responsible for your medical costs, including medical repatriation.

So, traveler’s medical insurance takes you to the closest qualified medical facility for your care. Getting home though is your problem.

Don’t be concerned though, there is a membership program you can choose, that covers you for starting at just $270 per year for an individual membership. The service is MedjetAssist.

Why Use a Membership Service?

With insurance, the insurance company is betting you won’t need their service, you are betting you will, and want to lose the bet.

If you ever make an insurance claim under a Traveler’s Health or Air Ambulance Service policy, you may only get coverage with restrictions.

You also have to answer a lot of health questions, with certain diagnoses often leading to higher premiums, lesser coverage or a turn-down.

And unless the policy is specifically for medical repatriation, it only takes you to a medical facility within 150 miles of your rescue site.

Why Use MedjetAssist?

When you join MedjetAssist you will not be asked any medical questions, you just pay your membership fee and give us the proper demographic information, and that is it. You are covered.

And, the coverage works anywhere in the world, including in the United States, if your home is at least 150 miles away from where your medical emergency is.

Simply put, MedjetAssist membership offers far more benefits than a travel insurance plan or platinum credit card service.

Here is what MedjetAssist offers you:

  • Arranges medical flight and medical repatriation service for its members, worldwide or domestic.
  • Members choose if they want to continue at a foreign hospital or at a hospital near home or at any hospital in the United States.
  • No limits on cost of transfer and no other costs.
  • Medical necessity is not required, if members are in a hospital as an inpatient they qualify for medical transport even if the facility is adequate for their treatment. As a member of MedjetAssist the choice is yours! With traditional medical transport policies or those provided as a credit card benefit, a medical repatriation only happens when it is medically necessary.
  • On board real-time monitoring and consultation.
  • With your membership, we offer free foreign-language interpretation help.
  • MedjetAssist offers legal and medical referrals in the areas you are traveling through.
  • MedjetAssist provides transfer of remains.

As a membership entity MedjetAssist offers affordable coverage for you and your partner for a low, annual fee. There are a number of plans, both personal and corporate for you to choose from.

MedjetAssist uses authorized medevac planes, and staff, giving you care equal to that of an intensive care unit, if needed.

The medical staff is specifically trained in giving medical care at high altitudes.

Recently, we helped travelers return to their hospital of choice while traveling. Here are some of the flights we made:

  • Cusco, Peru to Portland, Oregon: a distance of 4,883 miles, a $101,000 transport cost, and our member paid $0
  • Frankfurt, Germany to Boynton Beach, Florida: our member's cost was $0
  • Zagreb, Croatia to Port Washington, New York: our member's cost was $0

To learn more about the premier air medical transport program for travelers, visit the MedjetAssist website today.


This post was brought to you in partnership with MedjetAssist.

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