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Sea to Summit TravellingLight Gear Review

Sea to Summit was founded by several mountain climbing enthusiasts who loved to travel light with as little as possible.

They provide innovative gear for every traveler, from the urban day-tripper to the backpacker taking a gap year across the Americas.

Their latest designs feature their Ultra-Sil fabric that is exceptionally lightweight and durable, the perfect combo for demanding travelers.

TravellingLight Sling Bag

The TravellingLight series of products makes it possible to bring what you want without having to worry about your luggage and gear adding extra weight.

TravellingLight Sling Bag

The biggest surprise of the Sea To Summit Travelling Light gear offered up for review on Go Backpacking was the Ultra-Sil Sling Bag.

It came packed down to the size of a cell phone and weighed only 64 grams.

Then it was like opening a gift. Suddenly, the ball turned into a large bag complete with a shoulder sling and zipper.

I was skeptical at first because nothing that lightweight is ever strong, and I highly doubted it would go back to its original tiny form.

The Sling Bag proved me wrong on both accounts. I loaded it up at the farmer's market and then easily put it back in the tiny ball-like form once I got home.

The shoulder strap was very comfortable, and although I'm not a massive supporter of man purses or “murses,” I felt the bag looked good hanging across my body (yes, the shoulder strap is that long).

You can carry this thing anywhere you go, even attached to your key chain or easily stuffed in your backpack.

The bag doesn't require more packing space and doesn't add any significant weight to your trip.

I may feel a little more like a soccer mom carrying it around. Still, this is my favorite item from the TravellingLight product line when it comes to practicality and usability.

Best Uses: Traveling, grocery shopping, school books, laptop bag, seashell searching (say that three times fast), etc.

Pros: Packability, Ultra-Sil strength and bar-tacked stitching, lightweight, comfortable with a heavy load, long shoulder strap, zipper, stylish

Cons: None

Manufacturer's Website

TravellingLight Toiletry Cell

TravellingLight Toiletry Cell

It might be time to ditch those Ziploc freezer bags and convert them to an actual toiletry bag.

The TravellingLight Toiletry Cell can hold enough supplies for even the most hygienic folks.

It has space to fit 7 liters of your bathroom essentials and gives you three zippered pockets on the inside to keep organized.

I haven't been able to test this idea just yet, but I imagine the main benefit of the Ultra-Sil fabric on the toiletry cell is that it will keep fluids both out and IN!

Everyone has a bottle of shampoo explode at least once in their travels, and keeping it off of your clothes and backpack is a priority.

The bag has a padded, stand-up design and can open up all the way, giving you easy access to your supplies.

Since my bathroom kit is minimal, I was happy that the Toiletry Cell was easy to fold/roll to fit into tight spots in my luggage while remaining organized.

The Ziploc's will be missed, but there is no going back after trying this bag out a few times.

Best Uses: Loading up all the bathroom supplies you can imagine, short and long trips, lightweight travel, tight packing trips

Pros: Ultra-Sil is water-resistant, keeping any spills on the inside, padded walls protect bag's contents, stand-up design, durable YKK zipper, easy to pack

Cons: One more lengthwise divider through the middle would make organizing even easier

Manufacturer's Website

TravellingLight Travel Wallet

TravellingLight Travel Wallet

Every traveler has multiple IDs, credit cards, insurance cards, confirmation letters, emergency contact lists, and a slew of other documents to keep track of while on the road.

That is why every traveler also has a good travel wallet.

There are hundreds of wallets on the market, but not many can compare to the standards Sea to Summit has set with their TravellingLight Travel Wallet.

With more than enough organization options on the interior, you can quickly access all of your essential documents.

The external sleeve is excellent for your boarding pass or any document you need to frequently access, such as a local map when you're lost and asking for directions.

Most importantly, Sea to Summit built a travel wallet with the durable and lightweight Ultra-Sil fabric that keeps water from ruining your documents.

To put the cherry on top of all the great features, they added a pen holder and a nifty little zippered coin pouch on the inside of the wallet.

My old travel wallet is being given away as a gift because the TravellingLight wallet is perfect for my unorganized, rough, and clumsy travel personality.

Best Uses: Important document storage, all types of travel

Pros: Water-resistant, ultra-lightweight, durability, eight card slots, multiple organizing sleeves, fits in jacket or pants pocket

Cons: None

Manufacturer's Website

TravellingLight See Pouch

TravellingLight See Pouch

Weighing in at only 37 grams, the medium (2 liters) See Pouch is perfect for organizing smaller items that can easily get lost in your big bags.

On my last international backpacking trip, there were numerous times where I had to dig to the bottom of a stuffed backpack to find a cell phone charger, Leatherman tool, headlamp, etc.

The thought of organizing all my small gadgets into one easily accessible pouch never even occurred to me before my trip.

Now that I have the See Pouch, the benefits are noticeable on short weekend trips and even around the house.

For longer trips where you need to pack light and concise, do not leave without the medium See Pouch to save you time and sanity.

Best Uses: Long backpacking trips, short weekend vacations, keeping organized at home

Pros: Extremely lightweight, easy to pack, stand up design when full, water-resistant, and durable Ultra-Sil fabric.

Cons: New version with mesh fabric is not as see-through as I would have liked

Manufacturers Website

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Wednesday 27th of October 2010

I like the idea of having a bag that can pack down small, like the Sling bag. I'm going to buy the backpack type though, it seems really cool! I like the waterproof wallet too, thanks for the tip.

Hansen N Hunt

Wednesday 27th of October 2010

Hey Sofia, yeah the backpack one looks awesome. I think I will be buying that one as a gift soon.

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