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Discover the History, Beaches, and Magic of Siros, Greece


Hermoupolis (photo: Graeme Churchard)

Syros, also known as Siros or Sira, is one of the beautiful lesser known Greek islands of the Cyclades group.

The main city on the island is Ermoupoli, a town populated with noble houses, squares, churches and beautiful beaches.

The architecture of the houses has the hallmark of the constructions of the islands of the Cyclades.

Any visitor will be impressed by the neoclassical style of the buildings, their windows, doors, and terraces that are part of what makes the island so dreamy.

This picturesque town has a great port that until today retains its magnificent splendor.

It was in the last century one of the most important commercial ports of Greece.

The villages on the island include Foinikas, Manna, Galissas, Poseidonia, Kini, and Pagos. 

Siros' total population is about 20,000 inhabitants. 

The island has a lot to offer visitors, including beautiful beaches, scenic bays, and a wide variety of hotels.

The island of Siros is an ideal place for both family vacation and couple adventures, as it has various facilities to cater to any type of traveler; even those looking to practice water sports.

Typical Greek restaurants and taverns complement an intense nightlife, guaranteeing an unforgettable stay on the island.


Siros (photo: Trevor Owens)

Getting to Siros

Getting to the island is also quite easy and pleasant. The trip to the island of Siros from the port of Piraeus is four hours long.

You can also reach the island by plane from Athens.

A trip to Siros can be complemented with a visit to the islands of Tinos and Kythnos due to their proximity.

Ferries cross the island from Piraeus or Rafina to Tinos, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Ios, Santorini and other islands of the Cyclades.

Siros and Its History

The first inhabitants of Siros were the Phoenicians.

A testament to this theory is the name of the island itself that seems to be of Phoenician origin and even the fact that a locality of the island is called Finikas.

The island played a crucial role in the development of the Cycladic Civilization.

The archaeological discoveries in the towns of Chalandriani and Kastrí revealed significant findings that actively contributed to the study of that ancient civilization.

We are talking about the years 2700 – 2300 BC.

The philosopher Ferekydes, professor of Pythagoras, lived on the island. After the Persian wars, Siros was allied with Athens.

A very significant date for the island of Siros as well as for the Cyclades was the year 1207 when the Venetians arrived.

The powerful Marco Sanoudo conquered Siros and integrated it, like most of the Cyclades, into his dukedom whose center was the island of Naxos.

Finally, the island fell into Turkish hands in the year 1537.

Kini Bay

Kini Bay (photo: Graeme Churchard)

The Best of Siros

Siros still retains its archeological sites and ancient history and traditions.

When you walk down the streets and alleyways of Siros, you will see several sophisticated Venetian mansions and notable Neoclassical buildings.

They also have several museums where you can learn about the historical events of the Island.

The tourist destinations are endowed with natural sceneries that will give you a wonderful experience including the fantastic beaches with tourist facilities where you get to swim in the crystal clear blue waters.

If you’re more of a hiker, you’ll be glad to discover the mountains of the island that may offer you a slight challenge.

You can visit the local food vendors and restaurants to enjoy delicious traditional dishes and of course luxury hotels for comfort and relaxation.

Siros Island is an island that can be visited by couples and families alike.

Delphini Beach

Delphini Beach (photo: Graeme Churchard)

Beautiful Places and Beaches to Visit on Siros Island

There are many interesting sites that are worth seeing on the Island of Siros.

Siros Island’s capital, Ermoupolis, is recognized for its beautiful Venetian mansions, large churches, the attractive area of Vaporia, notable Neoclassical buildings like the Apollo Theatre and the Town Hall.

Galissas, Kini, Megas Gialos, and Posidonia are the major beaches on the Island.

They are family friendly and partly organized with sandy shores, crystal clear waters, water sports activities, and tourist facilities.

There are other things you can do on the beach like relax at one of the beach bars while refreshing yourself with a drink, eating in the restaurants there or even resting in the hotels surrounding the beach as you get to view the magnificent scenery of the area.

One of the museums that attract many visitors is the Bouboulina Museum. Bouboulina was regarded as the heroine of the Greek revolution.

There are items you will come across inside the museum such as gun collections, documents, and letters from the Greek Revolution.

You'll also find old books, maps, ship models, paintings and portraits, old furniture and personal items of the heroine.

Top Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars

There are different spots in Siros that offer relaxation, fun, and fantastic nightlife.

Jar and Plaza offer a combination of Café and bar services while Baraki and Peiramatiko offer bar and Club services to provide you with an unforgettable night in Ermoupolis.

Siros is one of the islands where you can get both delicious International and local dishes.

Savvas, Talaras Taverna, and Seminario restaurants are some of the best places to eat on the Island.

They offer tasteful Mediterranean, Greek, Contemporary and vegetarian-friendly cuisines.

For cheap eating, Laoutari, Kastri, To Kapilio tou Markou, and Plaza Cafe & Croissant are excellent choices.

They offer delicious Greek, Mediterranean dishes and seafood at a pocket-friendly price. 

Wondering where to stay during your visit to Siros?

The hotels in Siros have got you covered. You can make a choice based on your budget and taste. 

The top hotels in the Island based on facilities, location and services include Hotel Benois, Apollonion Palace, 1901 Hermoupolis Maison, Hotel Ethrion, Lila Guesthouse, and Hotel Ploes.


All in all, this Greek island might not be as famous as Santorini or Mykonos, but is just as beautiful and offers a splendid landscape to enjoy beautiful and happy holidays in a corner of Greece that is not so saturated.

If you have given Siros a chance, let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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