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The Bahamas: What To See on a Family Vacation

The Bahamas is an archipelago with more than 700 islands (24 inhabited and more than 600 uninhabited).

These islands and cays are scattered like precious jewels over 2,361 square miles (3,800 square kilometers) of the tropical sea in the northern part of the Caribbean.

Its capital, Nassau, on the Grand Bahamas Island, has long attracted visitors from different countries, seduced by the famous Bahamian hospitality, distinctive island culture, entertainment, and pleasant year-round climate.

Family on the beach in The Bahamas (photo: Trent Erwin)
Family in The Bahamas (photo: Trent Erwin)

The Bahamas is much more than a paradisiacal and romantic destination; it's a place with an ideal environment to enjoy the summer with your whole family.

You can find various things to do in the Bahamas with your kids. Continue reading for our tips.

The island nation's extensive and varied activities are mainly concentrated in Nassau and Grand Bahamas Island. These islands attract many tourists, and there are sites and activities for all ages.

COVID restrictions are a thing of the past, so travelers no longer need to apply for a Bahamas Travel Health Visa to enter The Bahamas.

The Capital: Nassau

Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, is located on the island of New Providence, a city captivatingly modern and ancient at the same time.

It maintains a unique blend of 21st-century glamour, old-world charm, and tropical relaxation. Tourists have the freedom to do anything or relax and do nothing at all. Here are some popular activities.

The Atlantis Paradise Island (photo: Georgy Trofimov)
The Atlantis Paradise Island (photo: Georgy Trofimov)

Atlantis Water Park

The Atlantis Water Park is an unparalleled aquatic landscape of 140 acres (57 hectares), one of the largest in the world. It's near the Atlantis Paradise Island resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

Here, both children and adults can have fun in its notable attractions, such as Dolphin Cay, which offers the possibility of swimming with dolphins or kayaking near sharks.

The dolphin sanctuary in Nassau is one of the world's most important and sophisticated rehabilitation centers. There are also slides, rivers, and waterfalls; as its slogan says, endless water, endless fun.

Pirate sculpture (photo: Björn Eichenauer)
Pirate sculpture (photo: Björn Eichenauer)

The Pirate Museum

The Pirate Museum is worth considering while planning a Bahamas vacation for your family.

This interactive museum brings to life the ferocity and reckless abandon of the 17th-century pirates who once inhabited Nassau.

Much of the pirates' “Golden Age” centered around the Bahamas islands, where Nassau was the most important commercial center.

The city was home to a hostile port, with unruly sailors and pirates drinking rum, fighting on the docks, and gambling in the taverns.

The Pirate Museum offers exciting insights into the lives of the real Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Pirate Museum is an authentic adventure into the past aboard a replica of the mythical galleon “Revenge.”

In it, children will have fun learning thanks to the “true or false” questions scattered throughout the museum.

The museum has grown considerably and has become one of the city's most popular attractions.

Colonial Quarter

Nassau's historic downtown is filled with charming colonial-style buildings and numerous pastel-painted wooden stores interspersed with Georgian-style structures.

During your visit, you can learn fascinating stories about the island while being rewarded with delicious local food.

There are no suitable hotels in the historic center of Nassau, but you can try to find some cheap vacation rentals in other parts of the island. Just take a look at

Pink Sand Beach
Pink Sand Beach

Pink Sand Beach

The Pink Sand Beach of Harbour Island in the Bahamas is one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean nation and one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

Your kids need to see this extraordinary beach to get a few photos to share on social media.

Harbor Island is a small island accessible from the larger island of Eleuthera, part of the Bahamas archipelago. It's over three miles (five kilometers) long and surrounded by the crystal clear sea.

The beach's color results from pink and red coral and shells washing up on the shore and being crushed and eroded by natural forces over time.

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Grand Bahamas Island

Grand Bahamas Island is one of the northernmost islands of the Bahamas.

After Christopher Columbus discovered it in 1492, Spain claimed it and gave the name of Gran Bajamar, from which the name of the whole archipelago was derived.

On Grand Bahamas Island, the following places of interest are worth considering.

The Unexso Diving Center, where families can dive into the sea thanks to its wide variety of dives adapted to all levels.

The visit to Gold Rock Beach, the filming location for two “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, where children can live an authentic pirate adventure.

The Bahamas Jeep Safari Tour is a genuine two-day adventure to the heart of “Lucayan National Park” forests at the wheel of your own 4×4 or Jeep. A picnic on the beach is included.

Swimming pig in The Bahamas (photo: Lisa Larsen)
Swimming pig (photo: Lisa Larsen)

Pig Island

In addition to snorkeling, fishing, and enjoying the sand and surf, the Bahamas offer another truly memorable experience: swimming with pigs.

At Pig Beach, the pigs, white sand, crystal clear waters, and Caribbean climate attract tourists from around the world.

Big Major Cay registers millions of visits per year, some of the Bahamas' highest numbers, qualifying Pig Island as a truly unique destination.

These high visitation rates are due to the curious presence of certain animals frolicking on the beach.

This island territory has pigs, goats, chickens, and wild cats. However, the swimming pigs are the most conspicuous animals, so much so that they even have a beach named after them!

Big Major Cay is famous for its nickname alone, Pig Beach. You can get to Pig Island in the Bahamas by boat or plane directly from Nassau.

The flight time to nearby Staniel Cay is about 25 minutes one way. If arriving by plane, you'll also need to take a five-minute boat ride from Staniel Cay to Pig Beach.

Once you know what Pig Beach in the Bahamas offers, you'll want to plan a day trip to this peculiar tourist destination.

A man dressed up for Junkanoo (photo: Kristin Whylly)
A man dressed up for Junkanoo (photo: Kristin Whylly)

The Junkanoo Museum

The Junkanoo Museum should also be added to your list of outings while planning a trip to the Bahamas.

The exhibition traces the evolution of Junkanoo, a festival, through history, from the early years of slavery to the present day.

It's an opportunity to explore the different styles of costumes and the development of the musical instruments that today make up the Junkanoo Festival.


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