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The Return Trip To Medellin

1:10 pm

Sitting aboard my Avianca flight to Medellin via Bogota.  Tired.  Very.  Melancholy.  Only internet access at airport was wireless and of course my laptop battery is dead, the AC Adapter stolen.  Maybe I try to sleep now.  Long travel day but better than the 13-hour bus ride.

On the ride to Barranquilla, I sat next to Cesar, a 32-year old, engaged dentist.  He offered to drive me to the airport via his house for a change of clothes.  I met his mom and sister.  It was a nice surprise.  At airport check-in, the woman smiled and complimented my blue eyes.  I told her she made my day.

2:24 pm

I'm off the plane, but we never left the ground.  First, a 40-minute delay due to busy air traffic, then disembarked due to a storm in Bogota.  The girl next to me spoke English so it was nice to pass the time with her.  It also took my mind off some things.

My concern now is getting to Medellin at a reasonable hour to sleep so I can dedicate the following day to my writing assignment.  I wish my laptop adapter hadn't been stole!  My mp3 player is almost dead too.


When I got back on the plane, the beautiful Gisella sat next to me as the other girl wanted to be with her mom who was nervous about flying.  Gisella is from Bogota, but has been living in Rome for 8 years, having just recently left her job as a travel agent to spend some time in Colombia.  We talked most of the flight.  She runs a side business dealing pre-Colombian jewelry and uncut emeralds.

The wait for a connection in Bogota was short despite our late arrival.  The flight to Medellin was even shorter.  I was excited to be back.  The shuttle bus ride from the airport to the city center took one hour due to some traffic as a church service let out.  I then got a taxi back to Casa Kiwi Hostel, used the internet for a few hours and got some much needed sleep.

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