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5 Best Things To Do In Eilat

Things to do in Eilat, Israel

Eilat, Israel (photo: Xiquinho Silva)

One of the best Israeli cities to visit is Eilat, located at the southernmost tip of Israel on the shore of the Red Sea.

This beach town is famous for many things: water-sports, duty-free shopping, and the glorious sun. Here are some fun things to do in Eilat during your stay.

The Ice Mall

This circular mall will keep you busy for hours. The duty-free shopping and the food options alone are enough of an attraction, but this mall also boasts an ice-skating rink in the center, which will give you a good respite from the heat of the day.

You can also enjoy the arcade and the virtual reality attractions that this mall has on offer.

The Red Canyon

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and take a hike in the most beautiful canyon in Israel.

Observe the unique flora and fauna of Israel’s South and don’t forget to take lots of pictures.

The Red Canyon hike has many shaded spots, but make sure you bring a hat and more water than you think you’ll need.

Kite surfer in Eilat

Kite surfer in Eilat (photo: Stanislav Vitebskiy)

Dolphin Reef

At Eilat’s Dolphin Reef, you can watch the dolphins frolic in the sea and sit on the deck and feel them move under your feet. You can also jump into the pool and swim right alongside them.

There is also a bar for relaxing and enjoying your favorite cocktail while the children play.

Underwater Observatory Marine Park

The classic Eilat activity, this site is not be missed. Here, you will see the shark movie that feels like real life up on the big screen and go for a ride on the glass-bottomed boat to see the sea life in its natural habitat.

You will also go down several meters into the sea via a glass-encased observatory and watch the fish, and other sea animals swim around.

The Beach

Of course, the best thing to do in Eilat is to simply soak up the sun after a full day of touring.

The coral beach is the place to snorkel, swim, suntan, or just read a book in the shade. You can rent a pontoon boat or a banana boat for some sea fun.

Whatever you choose to do, use car rental Israel service so you can get to see everything worthwhile in Eilat.


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