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Top 7 Things to Do in Vancouver

Dragonboats and Science World

Dragonboats and Science World (photo: Ruth Hartnup)

Are you planning on traveling to Vancouver this summer? If so, you are in for a treat, because the coastal seaport city has a lot to offer visitors of all ages.

One of the first things you should do to make sure you are fully ready for your upcoming trip is to create an itinerary.

Your itinerary will help you throughout your trip, by providing you with pertinent information that you have collected along the way. Below, are a few ideas to get you started.

Bike Through the City

There's no more exciting way to experience Vancouver than by cycling the streets. There are several bike rental services located throughout the city.

These services include:

  • Bazooka Bikes
  • ezeeRIDERS
  • Stanley Park Cycle
  • Bayshore Bike Rentals
  • JV Bike
  • Tikki Tikki Pedicabs

If you believe your health will not endure a strenuous bike ride, you can always rent an electric assist bicycle from JV Bike.

Renting a bike is a great way to see the city. Also, it is cheaper than traveling by taxi or public bus. There's a bike for everyone, so get out there and pedal your heart out.

Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC

Stanley Park (photo: Sébastien Launay)

Visit Stanley Park

A favorite activity for the locals is to visit the park. Now, this is not just any park, but the Stanley Park, which just happens to be Vancouver’s most popular attraction.

While you are in the park, you can have a picnic, toss a Frisbee, bird watch, and take a stroll. Make sure your Canada ETA is up-to-date so that you can enjoy Stanley Park and the other wonderful Vancouver attractions listed here.

Take a Photo in Front of a Steam Clock

Another popular attraction is the steam clock in Gastown. The clock is located on the corner of Water Street and Cambie Street.

What makes the clock so unique is it is vintage, and it still blows out a puff of steam every 15 minutes. This is a great place to capture a few memories with your phone or camera.

Tour the Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is an excellent place for visitors of all ages. The aquarium features thousands of aquatic life and ocean species.

Since the aquarium opened in 1956, 40 million visitors have walked through its doors, with some of these people being returning visitors.

Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver (photo: Randy Landicho)

Shop on an Island

If you have never had the opportunity to shop on an island, you should take the opportunity to do it during your visit to Vancouver. The Granville Island, in South Granville, has a variety of shops and markets that are filled with interesting souvenirs.

Watch Standup Comedy

Standup comedy is extremely popular in Vancouver. Laugh has three clubs that host regular events with some of Canada’s most popular comics. You can even catch some of the best up and coming newbies in the comedy world.

Jog along the Seawall

Another top-rated attraction is the Seawall, beginning at Canada Place, wrapping around the Stanley Park and following along False Creek on the north shore. If you don't feel like walking along the Seawall, you can walk, Rollerblade or bike instead.


This story was brought to you in partnership with ETA Canada.

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