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Best Hostels in Medellin: Where to Stay

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia

Explore the City of the Eternal Spring as you stay at some of the best hostels in Medellin, Colombia.

With beautiful mountain vistas and idyllic Spring temperatures year-round, it is no wonder backpackers visit this place and decide to stay longer than planned.

Though its dark, drug-related past kept tourism away for decades, Medellin is on the rise as one of South America's best cities.

Read on to learn about the best places to stay in Medellin.

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What to Look For

Medellin is a busy and beautiful cultural city that has boomed in the past ten years.

In that time, it has become the heart of travel in Colombia. Now, it is easier than ever to find cheap accommodation in Medellin.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding where to stay.

Best Neighborhoods

The prettiest and most well-to-do neighborhood in Medellin is El Poblado. It is one of the safer parts of the city. Most foreigners stay here.

El Poblado is home to Parque Lleras, the city's largest nightlife district.

Whether or not bars and nightclubs are your style, there are also lots of cafes and restaurants near Parque Lleras, including some of the city's best within a few blocks.

Given all this area has to offer, there's also a high concentration of hostels, and therefore, backpackers.

The more you value a quiet night's sleep, the further from Parque Lleras you'll want to stay. 

Cost of Hostels

Though the cost of hostels in Medellin varies greatly depending on what you are looking for, most budget backpackers get by spending no more than $10 per night for a dorm room.

Upscale hostels can sometimes cost up to $20 per night, but there is no shortage of places you can stay at for under $10 per night if you are on a tight budget.

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Safety in Medellin

Once known as the most dangerous city in the world, Medellin may never shed its dangerous reputation completely, but, rest assured, the city is safe enough for travel in 2019.

The number one tip to keep in mind is minimizing your smartphone use in the street, including in taxis and Ubers. 

We recommend using Uber, as the windows are more likely to be tinted, adding an extra bit of privacy.

Try to avoid being out alone at night and don’t show off your valuables, which can be said for traveling anywhere.

Watch for petty theft just as you would anywhere, and you should be all right.

When in doubt, ask locals or people you trust where the more danger-prone areas of the city are so you can avoid them.

We've written a lot about how to travel safely in Colombia, including:

Best Hostels in Medellin

Below we have picked some of the best hostels in Medellin based on the different needs of backpackers.

Best Hostel for a Quiet Night — Medellin Backpacker Hostel

From $7 for a dorm (4 beds)

Located in the Sevilla neighborhood, Medellin Backpacker Hostel is front and center in one of the city's more lively parts.

With attractions such as the Botanical Garden, Explorer Park, and Park of the Wishes within walking distance — and at the affordable nightly rate — you can’t turn down a good night’s rest here.

It is the perfect place to save some money with a full kitchen and breakfast included.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Best Hostel for Social Atmosphere — Chillin District Hostel

From $8 for a dorm (16 beds)

Chillin District Hostel is situated in a nice, quiet area of Medellin's ever-popular El Poblado district.

The social atmosphere includes a few terraces where fellow travelers are always hanging out.

There are also hammocks, bean bags, and a full kitchen for cooking (a fresh produce market is only a two-minute walk away).

The hostel is located within five minutes of walking to Parque Lleras and many great bars and restaurants to enjoy the local flavor.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Best Hostel for Party-Goers — Medellin Vibes Hostel

From $18 for a dorm (8 beds ensuite)

Medellin Vibes Hostel boasts a luxury hostel with a cozy, natural atmosphere and a spectacular poolside bar offering the best cocktails in the city.

Also, the party doesn’t stop after poolside drinks. Medellin Vibes is located only a quarter of a mile from Parque Lleras, where all the city’s nightlife occurs.

Not to mention, it is just a short walk from the El Poblado metro station, which can get you almost anywhere in the city and its suburbs.

Check availability: Hostelworld

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Best Hostel for Amenities — Los Patios Hostel Boutique

From $16 for a dorm (4 beds)

Los Patios Hostel Boutique is one of the most fully-stacked hostels we have ever seen.

A dedicated co-working space, many chill-out spots, top of the line kitchen, a gym, rooftop bars with excellent views, recreation rooms, an organic garden, and a Spanish school; you name it, Los Patios has it.

It is only a few blocks from a market and the Poblado metro station, which means it is also centered in-between excellent restaurants and nightlife.

If you are looking for a place to call home for a few days or a few weeks, this is it.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Best Hostel for City Entertainment — The Somos Hostel

From $15 for a dorm (8 beds ensuite)

The Somos Hostel will transport you into a tropical paradise in the heart of the Provenza area — renowned for its boutique bars and restaurants.

The bar and grill on the first floor offer all the local food and drinks you could want. It also serves as a good place to meet other travelers.

Provenza is a small but trendy part of El Poblado. It's full of new restaurants, and some cool bars and cafes, too.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Best Cheap Hostel — Hostal Tamarindo

From $7 for a dorm (6 beds ensuite)

With balconies overlooking the main avenue and just a few blocks from Parque Lleras, Hostal Tamarindo is about as well-located as you can ask for from budget accommodation.

Unfortunately, Hostal Tamarindo only has one dorm room. However, you can get a single private room for less than most dorm rooms in town ($14) if the dorm beds have been filled.

We like that it is super clean, but the hostel has no lockers, which could be problematic for those traveling with valuables like a laptop or digital camera.

Check availability: Hostelworld


There is something about Medellin, which is just easy to fall in love with, and many backpackers would agree.

Whether it is the excellent weather, beautiful people, mountain views, rising food scene, or ambiance in the streets, Medellin is a city that can’t be missed.

You might as well stay at one of the best hostels in Medellin during your visit while you are at it!

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