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Best Hostels in Colombia: Where to Stay

Plaza Bolivar - Bogota

Plaza Bolivar in Bogota

Since 2009, the hostel scene in Colombia has exploded with new offerings. The best hostels in Colombia offer safe, comfortable, fun atmospheres to base yourself.

Colombians are some of the most hospitable, funny, and sexy people on the planet.

You are bound to have a good time exploring the culture and salsa dancing your way from city to city.

We have broken down your favorite destinations around the country to bring you the best hostels in Colombia. Here are a few of our favorites.

Best Hostels in Colombia

Best Hostel in Bogota

Masaya Bogota Hostel – From $10 per room (6 beds)

Masaya Bogota Hostel is located in the historic center of La Candelaria and offers history and culture lessons around every corner.

It is one of the more unique hostels in the city, not only for its location but for the various events they offer.

The hostel is located in an old colonial house with beautiful architecture and traditional furniture.

The Masaya Bogota Hostel offers a range of extra activities such as salsa classes, live music, exhibitions of local artists, and three large terraces to get out of the hostel.

But don't worry, the party never stays on too late, making it the perfect place to sleep well at night.

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Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia

Best Hostel in Medellin

Los Patios Hostel Boutique – From $16 per night (4 beds)

Being one of the most expensive cities in Colombia, it can be challenging to find a reasonably priced hostel in Medellin. However, this place is worth the extra dollars.

Los Patios Boutique Hostel is one of the most complete hostels in Medellin.

A shared workspace, numerous lounge areas, high-quality kitchens, a gym, a rooftop bar with beautiful views, lounges, an ecological garden, and a Spanish language school are all available at Los Patios.

The hostel is just a few blocks from the large market square and Poblado metro station, which means that it is also excellently situated between good restaurants and nightlife.

If you are looking for a place where you can feel at home for days or weeks, this is the place.

Check availability: Hostelworld

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Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas in Cartagena, Colombia

Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas in Cartagena

Best Hostel in Cartagena

Zion Beach Hostel – From $14 per night (8 beds)

The Zion Beach Hostel is designed for beach dwellers who want to get away to a quiet beach of Cartagena.

The hostel also offers beginner courses in kitesurfing.

So, Zion Beach Hostel not only allows you to relax but also to practice kitesurfing.

In the evening, the Zion Beach Hostel offers barbecues, poker tournaments, local football matches, and much more to keep you busy.

It’s not only a great spot to watch the sunset, but a perfect place for those travelers who like to travel day-by-day and take in every second of the visit while relaxing in complete comfort.

Breakfast is included in the price of the dorm, and the room has beautiful sea views.

Check availability: Hostelworld

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Santa Marta skyline

Santa Marta skyline

Best Hostel in Santa Marta

El Rio Hostel – From $10 for a dorm (18 beds)

In 2018, El Rio Hostel was recognized as the best hostel in Colombia and given special consideration for the best hostel in all of Latin America, so it is no wonder we have a particular taste for El Rio Hostel.

Not only does this place have a great social atmosphere and the awards that do the talking themselves, but it is also less than half an hour's drive from the entrance to Tayrona National Park.

Though the significant advantage is its proximity to Tayrona, El Rio is gorgeous and deserving of its success (especially during the peak travel season).

The accommodation is located in the middle of the jungle with table tennis, basketball, volleyball, a billiards table and a large bar with fresh mora gin and tonic, maracuya vodka soda, and much more.

Check availability: Hostelworld

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Carnival in Barranquilla

Carnival parade in Barranquilla

Best Hostel in Barranquilla

The Meeting Point Hostel – Dorms from $8 (6 beds)

Being the only hostel in Barranquilla for so long, The Meeting Point Hostel has gained a reputation through word of mouth.

Now, there are a few other hostels in town but without nearly the recognition.

The hostel is in the heart of town — near anything you could need and in a safe neighborhood. 

The hostel has a fully equipped kitchen, and the common areas were always spotless, but electrical outlets are few and far between, which was frustrating.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Waters off San Andres

Waters off San Andres

Best Hostel in San Andres

Republica Hostel San Andres – Dorms from $13 (6 beds)

Though San Andres is commonly left off of backpackers' Colombia itinerary, it has so much to offer, and Republica Hostel San Andres is the perfect place to take it all in.

Built in an eye-catching multi-story colonial home, it is in an excellent location to catch your island vibe as it is only a five-minute walk to the beach.

They also boast the largest pool on the island with multiple lounges and bars, so, as you can imagine, it is a pretty good time.

The breakfast buffet they offer is a plus for those on a tight budget.

Check availability: Hostelworld

Dave in Cali

Dave in Cali

Best Hostel in Cali

Casa Blanca Hostel – Dorms from $5 (6 beds)

Casa Blanca Hostel is well-located in the Santa Monica neighborhood, which is the cool new city center.

It is also only several minutes on foot from the main bus terminal, supermarkets, and plenty of bars and restaurants. It's in a quiet area but not far away from the nightlife on La Sexta (Sixth Avenue).

They host free salsa dancing lessons regularly for their guests, and the teacher is excellent. There’s also a movie room upstairs and a nice patio for congregating.

Check availability: Hostelworld


Colombia is a country hot on the South American backpackers’ trail and, because of that, you will find some of the best hostels in Colombia are genuinely unique.

It has transformed from a once violent, scary place for travelers to a country that has many extraordinary things to offer international travelers.

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