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Traveling on a Shoestring Budget

Getting the urge to travel happens to all of us at some point or another but, in reality, it’s not as easy as packing a backpack and heading off on an adventure – at least, not for most of us.

While the investment is worth it, there’s no denying that travel costs a lot of money, particularly if you’re dreaming of far-flung places and exotic locations. But there’s good news.

There are ways to travel on a budget and not have it drain your bank account entirely. Saving money doesn’t have to mean a bad holiday experience. It’s all about how and when you travel that makes the difference.

By planning and making use of a few cost-saving travel hacks, you can travel the world on a modest budget and still have a fantastic time abroad.

Whether it’s shopping around for the lowest rates for your accommodation, finding a great deal on a package holiday, carefully planning when you travel for the cheapest airfare and cutting your food costs by eating at local hangouts instead of pricey restaurants – you can travel for cheaper than you may think.

And your trips don’t have to be packed with pricey excursions either. Some of the best activities you can take part in when visiting other countries are free, such as cathedrals and museums or walking tours.

Why not speak to the locals and ask about the best things to do in the area?

Some countries offer free entry to attractions on certain days of the month, such as Sundays, which can help you to stick to your budget.

Cutting costs can even be as easy as skipping the taxi and walking to the nearby attractions for a free way of getting around that also enables you to see more of your surroundings.

While staying in fancy hotels and eating at Michelin-starred restaurants is great, it limits the amount of travel you can enjoy.

Foregoing some of the everyday travel luxuries in favor of more travel time can result in surprising and enriching experiences. Traveling cheaply is all about being more creative with your trip and seeking out the more unique attractions or culinary options to save some extra pennies.

If you’re not tied to an expensive itinerary, you have more time to be open to spontaneous experiences, and these are ultimately what makes travel so exciting.

Here are some ways you can travel on a shoestring budget and enjoy other destinations for less.

Traveling on a shoestring budget


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