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Why You Should Date Someone From a Different Country

Love locks (photo: Max Pixel)

Love locks (photo: Max Pixel)

There are plenty of reasons why living overseas is a terrifically fun thing to do.

You get to experience a culture that's different from yours. You'll try out a different walk of life.

You'll learn important things about yourself and what you want out of your time on this planet. And you'll get to meet lots of different and interesting people.

And if you do get the chance while you're over there (i.e., you arrive single and ready to mingle), you should consider dating someone who comes from a different country to you.

There's a clear difference between dating while traveling and dating while living overseas.

These sorts of relationships can be exciting and adventurous, but they can also be complicated and confusing. Sometimes all at once.

Yet, trust me, it's the best thing you could do. Here's why.

1. You'll go on amazing dates

Although discovering a new country on your own can be quite fun, there's nothing like having a local on hand to show you the sights.

You'll go on some fantastic dates where you try new activities or foods.

Your romantic mini-breaks will be to destinations that you may not have thought of visiting if you were exploring the country on your own.

Boy meets girl (photo: Vladimir Kudinov, Pexels)

Boy meets girl (photo: Vladimir Kudinov)

2. You may strengthen your language skills

If your native tongue isn't widely spoken in your new country, this will be an excellent opportunity to work on your language skills.

Taking language lessons and eager to practice speaking aloud to a local? Well, go on a series of dates. That'll get you talking.

Even better if you strike a connection with someone and start seeing them seriously.

Not only will your language skills strengthen, but you may end up speaking a new tongue altogether – the language of love (I'm sorry, but I had to work that in, somehow).

3. You'll find each other novel

It's all very nice when you first start dating someone.

You're in that stage where everything they do and say is fresh and new, and you're finding out about each other. It can be a lot of fun.

When you're dating someone from a different country to you, there's that added layer of novelty and intrigue.

They have an accent! Their skin color might be the complete opposite of yours!

They speak another language, or three (and maybe they play the guitar too)!

These can all be very sexy things that add to the excitement of a new relationship.

Who doesn't like romantic weekends away to the seaside? (photo: free-photos)

Who doesn't like romantic weekends away to the seaside? (photo: free-photos)

4. You'll learn more about the culture of the country you're living in

You're going to be learning about a culture that's different from yours, regardless of whether you're dating at the time.

Yet, seeing someone who's grown up with that culture will give you insight into how things do and don't work in your new home.

Even cultures that seem quite similar at first (like British and American) have their differences – such as, don't start talking about your “pants” in a room full of Brits, lest you want to be teased and mocked mercilessly.

It's reassuring knowing that you have someone on your side who can field questions, to avoid making any embarrassing and unintended social faux-pas.

5. You'll never forget your overseas adventure

Whether or not the relationship lasts, you'll always remember that time that you lived in Italy and went out with that Italian fellow, who took you on rides through the cobblestone streets of Rome while you sat on the back of his Vespa. It helped that he could cook a mean pizza.

Putting all clichés firmly aside, it's often the people who you meet that make travel or expat life so much better.

And even if the relationship bites the dust or you're forced apart but irritating things like immigration laws, you'll never forget the times you shared with that person, and if you're lucky, their country will always have a special place in your heart.

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