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7 Reasons Italy is Better Traveled as a Couple

Italian cappuccino (photo: roevin, Flickr)

Italian cappuccino (photo: roevin)

Would your opinion be that Italy is one of the most romantic destinations in the world?

As someone who has traveled there a few times on holiday and once for a semester of study abroad, I would say that Italy exudes a bit of a sexy vibe overall as a culture.

There is a passion for life and for love that other places sort of take for granted or might be missing altogether.

Italy is best traveled as a couple rather than solo – unless, of course, you're after picking up an Italian beauty on your adventures. Why? I'm glad you asked.

Gondola in Venice

Gondola in Venice (photo by Mark Heard)

1. Because a gondola ride in Venice should not be taken alone

Venice is the city of canals and the iconic gondola boats.

What was once a primary form of transportation with nearly 10,000 in circulation is now mainly a tourist attraction with only 500 boats on the water.

Gondola rides are seen as romantic, and while singing is not a standard part of the experience, I've seen it happening briefly in the distance.

Who wouldn't want to snuggle up close to their special someone while being chauffeured throughout the narrow waterways of an ancient, beautiful city in a fancy boat?

Tuscan vineyard

Head to the Tuscan vineyards with your Italian cheese and wine. (photo: letorri)

2. Because a wheel of Italian cheese should be accompanied by a romantic picnic in Tuscany

Italy is known for making nearly 400 types of cheese – everything from bocconcini to ricotta — for fillings of pasta or cannoli, or for topping crackers and salads.

Italian cheese, some fruit and a loaf of fresh bread are the things that picnics are made of, and what better place to picnic than in than the rolling hills of Tuscany near wineries?

Of course, with a good bottle of wine too!

Red wine and cheese

Red wine and cheese (photo: jdickert)

3. Because a bottle of Italian red wine should be shared with someone you love

As the fifth leading country in per capita wine consumption, you can be sure that finding a good bottle will never be difficult.

The wine flows like water in Italy; in fact, it is often cheaper to purchase wine with dinner than a bottle of water!

With wine knowledge as rich as the history of production is long, a bottle of delicious and spicy red should be sipped with your significant other, especially because one bottle is quite a lot for one person!

Juliet's Balcony

Juliet's Balcony in Verona (photo by spencer77)

4. Because Juliet's house should be adorned with love notes between you and your partner

The house may not be real, but today a special home and balcony in the city of Verona have been marked as Juliet's where dozens of love-struck youth and travelers gather to take photos and graffiti walls with messages of love.

After having your photo next to Juliet's statue and perusing the inside of the house-turned-art-gallery, stick a love note to your special someone on the walls for all to see.

Italian chef

Chef preparing sumptuous Italian food. (photo: drbeachvacation)

5. Because the combination of passion and food is perfect for couples

As mentioned in the points about wine and cheese, food, in general, provides a passionate palette for loved ones to enjoy in Italy.

From decadent risotto to perfectly cooked pasta, every bit of the Italian cuisine screams indulgence.

For those visitors looking to keep their shapely figures, sharing wood-fire pizzas and cups of gelato also brings a bit of romance to the table.


Vespas – made for 2. (photo: mikuzz)

6. Because riding a Vespa is more fun with two

It's the motor scooter made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the film Roman Holiday: the Vespa.

These small forms of transport are popular in Italy because they help Italians to travel through the narrow and ancient streets of many cities.

And, just like in the film, they are just more fun when you get to ride on the back with your loved one racing around from one iconic landmark to the next.

For those wishing to recreate that moment, there are Vespa rentals in just about every major Italian city. Just be sure to bring your driver's license.

Bicycle Italy

Avoid [some of] the catcalls in Italy by traveling as a couple. (photo: lucavioletto)

7. Because you will get hassled less as a girl

I'm all for a self-confidence boosting trip to Italy for any woman, but the catcalls, watching eyes, and shouts from cars and street corners can get to be a bit much if you are there any significant amount of time.

When an 80-year-old man starts barking at you, it's time to sling a beau around your arm, right?

I found that traveling with my boyfriend made any attempts by Italian guys at hitting on me more of a flattery experience for him.

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Tuesday 4th of December 2012

I like this site..Its nice and it gave us lots of ideas..Thanks for sharing great info. on travelling.

Antonio Patti

Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Yes, we are the romanticism capital. Maybe it is one of the reason that gives us the fame of good lovers ;) Enjoy Italy!

Paul Krol

Friday 23rd of November 2012

Couldn't agree with you any more! Although I'm sure that everyone knows that :-)

Mark Heard

Friday 23rd of November 2012

Hi there, looks great. I took the gondola picture in Venice that you use. Wondering, would you mind using my actual name instead of my Flickr User Name in the caption.

It's "Mark Heard".

Thanks a lot! Mark


Friday 23rd of November 2012

Hi Mark,

I've updated the photo to reflect your name. Great shot. By the way, I was just in Venice a few weeks ago.


Wednesday 21st of November 2012

Italy is definitely one of the most romantic countries to travel to in the fact, we spent our honeymoon there ;) Perfect destination for couples!

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