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Better Pack Your Sense of Humor

Baguette in Paradise (Moorea)

On my first day in Papeete, I managed to make some silly mistakes. Jetlag, culture shock and oppressive heat make for a tough first day.

I mostly took it easy, though Sam did give me some phone cards since he said it wouldn't be worth it to buy my own to call him a few times.

I have a phobia of foreign phones, and therefore am not adept at using them.

Night 1 in Tahiti

So I went to 3-4 different public phones, sliding the phone card in and out like an ATM, and I couldn't figure out why calls weren't working.

I bought a new card thinking the ones I got from Sam were too low on credits. I think that cost me about $20.

Tahiti is an expensive place to make mistakes! I finally asked someone for help, and she pointed out you keep the card in the machine. And it worked.

Night 2 - Pacific Sunset on Moorea

I tried to use the computer at the hostel the first day and found the keyboard was the French layout – so I got nowhere in 10 minutes, at the cost of about $2.50.

Lastly, about 28 hours after landing in Tahiti, I learned that the exchange rate I used from my 2006 Lonely Planet was off by 20%.

Dolphin Show

I was underestimating my spending by 20%! So now I'll always check rates online a country or two in advance.

If I'm going to make mistakes, it mine as well be in the South Pacific! :)


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Friday 7th of December 2007

while your sunning yourself i'm pushing snow :( dont hurry back to VA.

GREAD lion

Friday 7th of December 2007

Great pictures! It seems you are very lucky and get to travel quite a bit.


Thursday 6th of December 2007

Thanks Laura - I knew there was something like that out there. I bookmarked it for future reference. I found an internet cafe that had both English and French options.


Thursday 6th of December 2007

Well done...I owe you $10.


Thursday 6th of December 2007

Not quite - both ladies in the photo were spoken for, however I do intend to post 2 newer pics which will make up for it. :)


Thursday 6th of December 2007

Great pics, Dave!! I can see you are definitely enjoying the view!! :razz:

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