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7 Incredible Trips to Experiences in 2016

Istria, Croatia

Istria, Croatia (photo: zolakoma)

Make 2016 the year you experience a vacation that is truly different from your day-to-day existence.

Relax, recharge and take in the breathtaking sights that these incredible experiences have to offer.

1. Walking in the Alps

Explore walking in the Alps. This beautiful mountain range stretches from France to Slovenia, and it offers many adventures for travelers.

You can stay in basic shelters, luxurious accommodations or anything in between. With 1,200 kilometers to explore the options are endless.

2. Explore the Villages of Istria

Visit the villages of Istria in the northern peninsula of Croatia for a truly amazing vacation.

You can visit the town of Pula, and take in the splendor of Triumphal Arch of the Sergii and its famous arena that is one of the oldest surviving Roman amphitheaters that is still used today. Depending on the time of year that you visit you may be able to watch a concert, an ice hockey match, or a film festival.

Visit Rovinj where you can explore a maze of narrow streets filled with medieval buildings as well as the beautiful Cathedral of St Euphemia. The area is known for its truffles so be sure to experience them before you leave.

Lock on Volga River in Russia

Lock on the Volga River (photo: flowcomm)

3. Volga River Cruise

Hop on a boat and take a river cruise in Russia. If you travel along the Volga River, you can take a trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Hop off your boat and experience the stunning architecture that these two historic cities have to offer and immerse yourself in the culture.

From St Petersburg, you can take another cruise down the Svir River and experience the wonders of nature that this country has to offer.

4. Amazon River Excursion

Take a trip down the Amazon and experience the most diverse ecosystem in the world.

You can experience the thrill of seeing a four-meter anaconda basking in the sun, see pink dolphins frolicking in the water and take in the beautiful flora, fauna, and many other unique creatures.

You can leave from Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, or Venezuela to travel along the more than 10,000 kilometers of river.

5. Witness the Great Migration

Get back to nature and take a luxury safari in Kenya. You can watch The Great Migration of the wildebeests and zebras if you visit in the late summer.

Experience the thrilling Masai Mara crossing where the animals plunge into crocodile-filled waters. You can also see elephant, flocks of brilliant pink flamingoes, giraffes, and other unique creatures that are only found in Africa.

Dog sledding in Finland

Dog sledding in Finland (photo: Guillaume Baviere)

6. Dog Sled Ride in Finland

Try navigating a sled dog team through the snow and ice in Finland. You get a team of dogs and a sled that you'll be trained how to use.

The dogs travel up to 20 kilometers per hour, and you'll no doubt leave all of your worries behind as you adventure into the Arctic Circle.

7. Explore Ancient Egypt

Explore the pyramids in Egypt. There are more than one hundred and the three largest and best preserved can be found in Giza, which is on the outskirts of Cairo.

Explore the wonders that these three pyramids have to offer and take in the stunning beauty of the Great Sphinx. Immerse yourself in the thousands of years of history and the architectural marvel of these remarkable monuments built for the pharaohs.


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