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8 Places in Norway to Add to Your Itinerary for a Christmas Getaway

Northern Lights

Northern Lights

If you are planning a winter vacation, there is no better place to visit than Norway.

While Norway is a Christian country and does have a lot of influence from other European countries, they have their own culture and did not celebrate Christmas till the 10th century.

Even today, the people of Norway refer to Christmas as Juletid.

You can book train tickets from Bergen to Oslo and easily explore many places in Norway.

To get a feel of the blend of old traditions and new, visit these eight places in Norway for the perfect Christmas experience.

1. Alta

Christmas feels incomplete without the cold and the snow, so if you want to enjoy snow-capped landscapes and pretty views of the mountains, then Alta is the place to go.

However, make sure to pack your warm clothes as the weather does tend to get pretty cold. Due to the cold, it's the perfect place to go ice skating and build snowmen.

2. Tromsø

Norway is most famous for the Northern Lights, a beautiful natural phenomenon that occurs in the country during the winter months.

The best place to view the Northern Lights in Norway is in Tromsø, so if you are in Norway, please make sure you make some space in your itinerary to witness this natural wonder.



3. Finnmark

Every year during the Christmas season in the town of Finnmark there takes place a dog sledding festival called the Finnmarksløpet, which is also Europes longest dog sled race.

It is entertaining to watch, and later you can even hire a dog to take you around on a sled, which is an enjoyable experience, especially for children!

4. Sorrisniva hotel

Sorrisniva is a hotel situated in Alta, Norway, where you get a one of a kind experience of staying in a hotel made entirely of ice, and we mean everything!

From the walls to the beds and the furniture, every part of the hotel has been sculpted from blocks of ice.

This is a seasonal hotel that only works in the winters and lasts until the first signs of spring in March.

5. Notodden

Located in Notodden is the largest stave Church in Norway, called the Heddal stave church.

Every year in winter, on Christmas Eve, there is a mass that happens in the church in honor of Christmas, or as the people of Norway call it, Juletid.

The service is extremely beautiful, with rich decorations and lovely music from the choir, and even if you are not religious, you must make time to witness a Christmas service at any of the churches in Norway.

6. Røros

Roros is one of the oldest towns in Norway and also one of the most beautiful ones. The specialty of this town is that most of the houses are made of wood.

During the Christmas season, especially, it's quite a sight to see the rustic wooden houses against the white of the snow.

Not only that, but most of the houses and buildings in town light up on honor of the festive season and there is a spirit of festivities and joy in the atmosphere that is quite unlike any other city in Norway.

7. Oslo

The capital of Norway, Oslo, is one of the best places to visit during the Christmas season because of the Christmas fair that takes place here and goes on for almost a month, starting from November.

The fair, known as Winter Wonderland, is a combination of a number of stalls, serving some of the most delicious food, selling unique handicrafts and there are even some games and activities conducted for the children.

The highlight of the event is the giant ferris wheel, which lights up on Christmas and grabs all the attention of the visitors!

Christmas cookies

Christmas cookies

8. Lillehammer

Lillehammer is another town in Norway where you can have the best small town Christmas experience.

They conduct a Christmas market like any other town, but unlike other cities, they hold many interesting events like cookie-baking workshops, gingerbread-making workshops, and Christmas card-making workshops.

Apart from these, there are around 120 other stalls selling food, drinks and other handicrafts that you can bring back home as souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family.

Though people love visiting big cities, they can never match the charm of smaller older towns.

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you haven't made any plans yet, Norway is the perfect destination for your next vacation.

All that's left to do is book your tickets and pack your bags, and get ready for your next big adventure with Norway Winter Tours!


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