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Seafood in Barcelona: Top Restaurants

Sailboats in a Barcelona marina (photo: cogocogo)
Sailboats in a Barcelona marina (photo: cogocogo)

Situated on a spectacular coastline that stretches over 4 kilometers, it's no surprise that you are more than spoilt for choice when it comes to finding seafood in Barcelona!

As one of the biggest and busiest ports in Europe each morning, Barcelona welcomes countless fishing boats to its sandy shores, all bringing in the day's freshest catch.

This is a rough guide to helping you to discover some of Barcelona's finest seafood haunts.

Seafood at La Paradeta (photo: Bevis Chin)
Seafood at La Paradeta (photo: Bevis Chin)

Dine with the Locals

A couple of Barcelona's most visited seafood restaurants are Mariscco1 and La Paradeta2.

Both are popular with the locals who enjoy the laid-back and informal atmosphere.

Ordering food is quick and straightforward; there is an extensive choice of fish from crab, squid, and octopus to clams, muscles, and cuttlefish, laid out behind the counter.

All you have to do is make the difficult decision of what to order, and your dinner is prepared in a flash!

It's truly a unique experience at very reasonable prices; this is every backpacker's dream!

If you are planning on backpacking through Barcelona, another suggestion is to book a hostel to avoid disappointment.

El Rey de la Gamba (photo: H. Hurtado)
El Rey de la Gamba (photo: H. Hurtado)

Seafood by the Seaside

There's nothing like sea air to work up an appetite after a relaxing day at the beach, and what better than to head straight out for a seafood dinner!

A well-known area for finding superb fish dishes is without a doubt Ciutadella/ Porto Olimpica.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the beach, you only need to take a quick stroll down Moll de Gregal and Moll de Mestral to see the vast array of welcoming seaside restaurants, all boasting freshly caught fish on their menus.

One to look out for in particular is El Rey de la Gamba3.

This cozy and friendly restaurant should not be missed; the menu covers grilled and fried fish and many other delicious seafood dishes!

Why not be adventurous and try a traditional Catalan fish stew known as Sarsuela?

Quirky and Contemporary

One restaurant that stands out from the crowd is Imprevist4 which quite suitably translates to ‘the unexpected,' best described as an adventure for the senses.

The seafood dishes are exquisite, complemented by a subtle blend of herbs and spices, then topped off with an accompaniment of vegetables freshly picked from their gardens.

The presentation of every dish is perfect, ensuring your plate is a feast for your eyes as well as your taste buds.

This restaurant turned art gallery radiates creativity in more aspects than just its menu; diners are encouraged to relax and enjoy the modern design of the restaurant and even have the opportunity to purchase the impressive artwork on display.

Paella (photo: Benjie Ordonez)
Paella (photo: Benjie Ordonez)


Is there a better way to combine seafood with traditional Spanish cuisine than a tasty paella? It's impossible to count the number of paella restaurants in the city, but for seafood, you'll find Roij Robí5 is most definitely a top contender.

Recently renovated, this paella haven has been running for over 25 years and has earned the reputation of being the king of the seafood paella.

The Restaurant has a fresh supply of fish twice a day, ensuring that your dinner will always be top-notch.
For a cultural meal out, Les 7 Portes6 is one of the oldest Paella restaurants in Barcelona.

Open since 1836, the 175 years of experience have most certainly not gone to waste.

Even famous figures such as Picasso and Federico Garcia Lorca have been known to enjoy paella at Les 7 Portes- And the best news of all? Even today, Les 7 Portes offers delicious food at mouth-watering prices!

Now you know where to find the best seafood restaurants in Barcelona.

All that's left to do is find your accommodation in the city to ensure you don't miss out on the fabulous seafood on offer.

Restaurant Addresses

  1. Carrer Còrsega, 272 08008 Barcelona
  2. C/ Comercial, 7, 08009 Barcelona
  3. Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 53, 08003 Barcelona
  4. C/ Ferlandina, 34, 08001 Barcelon
  5. Seneca, 20, 08006 Barcelona
  6. Passeig d'Isabel II, 14, 08003 Barcelona

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Thursday 19th of July 2012

Nice post! I'm from barcelona and I've just been in one of them. But don't know all the other ones.. hopefully some day!


Friday 30th of September 2011

Hi, I have been living here in Barcelona for 2 months now so I found the blog really interesting reading. I have to be honest and say that I have currently never visited any of these restaurants but your reviews have made me want to try them. Do you a personal favourite amongst all of them?

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